For your Geelong business to stand out from the crowd you must be innovative, clever, and always have your finger on the pulse of your industry. Things change quickly, and if you fall behind, your customers will go elsewhere. This is where digital marketing becomes a way of survival, and in times like these, survival is key. We have comprised 3 essential ways to improve the current digital marketing strategy for your Geelong small to medium business.

Get a website that works and ensure it matches your cohesive brand

Your website is your most valuable business asset. It tells your story, establishes credibility, and communicates who you are to your target consumer. In this day in age, without a website, your business simply does not exist on a regional, national, or global scale. Profit Works writes that “93% of business purchase decisions start with a search engine search”, which essentially means that your business is only selling to 7% of the market if you don’t have a website. While coming up in search engines is crucial to success, you gain loyal and interested customers you must have a consistent cohesive brand. This includes your logo, website design, mission statement, key audience, personality, style guide, tone of voice, and more. Once these elements are refined, you connect to your demographic on a much deeper level; which successfully leads to more sales and clients for your business. Goop Digital have brand expertise and expert web developers to help you build a brand that will outshine your competitors

Know your keywords and write good copy

One thing that Goop Digital do best is write good content and skyrocket keywords to the top of Google. To obtain these high positions on search engines you must ensure that the content written on your pages and blog posts is relevant, clear, and optimized for SEO. To do this effectively you must identify which keywords you want to rank for. This can be as simple as writing down your services and where you are based, for example, ‘digital marketing Geelong’ and even long-tail keywords such as ‘digital marketing for Geelong small business’, ‘SEO digital marketing services Geelong’ or ‘online marketing services Geelong’. You can target particular locations; by boosting keywords like ‘digital marketing services Surfcoast’ which can help you reach customers in surrounding areas. Once you identify your keywords, you must then regularly blog on those words and/or create tailored web pages that to into depth of that particular product/service/location that you wish to promote.

Invest in Google Ads and Social Ads

A digital marketing function that almost guarantees your business sales and leads is Google Ads. Previously known as Google AdWords, Google ads (PPC) is an advanced form of advertising that directs relevant and qualified traffic to your website, meaning that customers who are already searching for products/services similar to what your business is promoting, will be encouraged to visit your site. This means that customers who find your site will be extremely likely to purchase and get in contact as they are actively searching. Similarly, social ads are very effective for targeting relevant consumers, but instead of through Google, it is done through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. The Goop Digital team are highly skilled in both Google Ads and Social ads and have experience across a wide range of industries. If you are looking to develop and execute a digital advertising for your business in Geelong, we are here to help.

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