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If a website exists online and nobody sees it, does it exist at all? The question is obviously a different take on the philosophical thought experiment “if a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, does it make a sound?” but the sentiment is the same. If nobody sees a website, does it really exist? Well, from the perspective of GOOP Digital and our website development team in Geelong, it doesn’t!

The most beautiful website on the internet is largely a waste of time, effort and money if it’s not prominent in Google searches for the services or products the website owners offer, and where they offer them!

GOOP Digital exists to create websites that are prominent in online searches for what our clients do, where they do it, and our case studies demonstrate the success of our websites, which have tailored SEO, copywriting, responsive design and cutting-edge web development as standard inclusions.

Read our client case studies and see for yourself that the websites Geelong’s GOOP Digital do what good websites should – be prominent online and deliver results. If you’d like to exist online and be prominent in Google searches, then contact GOOP Digital and get GOOPED.

Premium Interior Styling, Geelong

Let the experts do the job

In the client’s own words

Premium Interior Styling’s Mandy Molloy-Lee discusses working with GOOP Digital and the success of her new website.

“We pulled back and let them deliver an amazing result.”

Mandy Molloy-Lee, owner, Premium Interior Styling

Mandy Molloy-Lee and her Geelong-based business Premium Interior Styling create beautiful interiors and Mandy needs a website that not only provides an attractive canvas for her design work but also stands out in Google for searches of residential and commercial styling services.

When Mandy first inquired about GOOP Digital’s services she wasn’t necessarily dissatisfied with her previous website provider and thought her website was doing a good job for her business.

But within weeks of her new GOOP Digital website going live Mandy had a different option about her old site, discovering, in her own words, it wasn’t performing at all.

GOOP Digital transformed Premium Interior Styling’s online presence, taking the business to an almost-perfect 97 percent visibility in Google, with most of its keywords in either first or second position in Google searches.

Mandy can take some of the credit for her website’s success, simply because she let GOOP Digital do its job, although we did gently have to persuade her to hand over the reins.

“When we came on board with GOOP we had so many ideas and suggestions,” Mandy said.

“We thought we’ll do it this way and we’ll do it that way. But with GOOP you’ve got to let the experts do the job and I think we pulled back and let them deliver an amazing result and we were blown away,” she said.

Required: Premium Interior Styling required high visibility in Google searches but also wanted a website that allowed the business to display and promote its services.

Delivered: GOOP Digital created a website that elevated Premium Interior Styling to the top of the results for Google searches of the business’s services.

Commercial and residential styling Geelong

Google visibility doesn’t get much better than that of Premium Interior Styling.


Google search prominence: With most keywords in first or second position in Google, Premium Interior Styling’s results don’t get much better. The website has a 97 percent visibility in Google and most of its traffic is for organic searches – in other words, searches for what the business does, where it does it.

User friendly and responsive: Premium Interior Styling’s new website – as with all GOOP Digital new websites – ticks all the responsive design boxes while providing a stunning canvas to display the designer’s work.

Accountable results: A combination of a unique Google Analytics code and GOOP Digital’s transparent keyword reports allows Premium Interior Styling to see precisely how the website is performing in Google searches, what’s popular on the site and what might need attention. Premium Interior Styling takes full advantage of the website’s blog, regularly publishing new content which not only promotes the business, but also keeps the website’s content fresh and relevant for Google.

And while Mandy’s keeping the content fresh and lively, GOOP Digital’s developers are working behind the scenes to ensure the the WordPress content management software is as up to date and as secure as possible.

Laverton Cold Storage, Melbourne

Getting higher in the Google rankings

In the client’s own words

Laverton Cold Storage’s Richard Ralph discusses the thinking behind working with GOOP Digital, Geelong SEO web design experts.

“It’s about the Google ranking and getting higher.”

Richard Ralph, general manager, Laverton Cold Storage, Melbourne

lavertoncs-com-auLaverton Cold Storage operates in the highly competitive cold and frozen storage and transport fields in Melbourne’s west. The business has its roots in Geelong in the 1970s, moved to Melbourne in 2012 and now has a temperature-controlled 10,000-pallet warehouse in Truganina and a Laverton North base with 5000-pallet capacity.

Laverton Cold Storage understands the value of prominence in Google search results and worked with GOOP Digital to ensure the business ranked highly in searches for its services.

Laverton Cold Storage’s old website had a keyword ranking of just one percent when the business first approached GOOP Digital but within a month its new website had skyrocketed up the rankings by 89 percent to 90 percent visibility. That impressive result equated to being in first position on the home page of Google for many of its keywords and prominent on the home page of Google for most of the others.

Required: Laverton Cold Storage required online prominence for its business in Melbourne’s competitive cold storage and transport sectors. The business wanted a website for marketing purposes to attract new business and had to be in the top Google results for searches relating to its services.

Delivered: GOOP Digital created a highly functional unique responsive website for Laverton Cold Storage. Not only does the website clearly spell out the business’s services, it also performs exceptionally well in Google for searches relating to the Melbourne cold storage and transport sector.



Laverton Cold Storage’s keyword ranking skyrocketed from just one percent to 90 percent within a month of its new GOOP Digital website going live.

Google search prominence: Laverton Cold Storage’s search results speak for themselves. From an online visibility of just one percent when the company first approached GOOP Digital, Laverton Cold Storage’s new website ranked at 90 percent visibility within a month of going live. That search result comprised an 86 percent visibility in desktop searches and 92 percent visibility in mobile searches where five of its keywords were number one and 22 were in the top 10.

User friendly and responsive: As with all GOOP Digital new websites, Laverton Cold Storage’s website is responsive, which means it adapts to whatever device it is viewed on, and is designed for ease of use.

Accountable results: All GOOP Digital SEO websites have a unique Google Analytics code which ensures clients can keep track of the number of visitors to the site, which pages are popular, how long visitors are spending on the site and generally what people are looking for. GOOP Digital also provides a keyword ranking report which proves the site is prominent in Google. As well, to ensure the website continues to function properly, our managed hosting ensures Laverton Cold Storage has the latest version of the WordPress CMS, is backed up on and off site and working as it should.

Always There Automotive, Geelong

Website fires up client’s Geelong business

In the client’s own words

Geelong mechanic Sean Radford tells of his experience working with Geelong website developer GOOP Digital.

“As soon as the GOOP site went live the phone just wouldn’t stop ringing and it hasn’t stopped since, which is great for business.”

Sean Radford, owner, Always There Automotive, Geelong

Always There Automotive GeelongGeelong motor mechanic Always There Automotive is a relatively young Geelong business that has enjoyed rapid growth since its inception, and GOOP Digital has played a role in that growth. As owner and founder Sean Radford says, Always There Automotive’s phone started to ring pretty much the day the business’s new GOOP Digital website went live.

Always There Automotive had an existing website before it engaged GOOP Digital but was unable to gain prominence for Google searches related to its services. However, once Always There Automotive’s GOOP Digital website went live the business’s prominence in Google searches for its services skyrocketed.

Required: Always There Automotive offers mobile motor mechanic services across Geelong, as well as traditional garage services from a professional workshop in Marshalltown Rd, Grovedale. With an increasing number of clients, many who often need its services at short notice and in times of emergency, it was important Always There Automotive had a sleek and easily accessible website that delivered premium performance on all devices, from desktop computers through to mobile phones.

Delivered: GOOP Digital built Always There Automotive a responsive and unique WordPress website featuring a modern user-friendly design and state-of-the-art Search Engine Optimisation that ensures Sean and his team of mechanics rank highly in Google searches and continue to rank in Geelong’s highly competitive automotive market.


Always There Automotive’s Google rank report shows the business’s prominence in Google searches has soared since its new GOOP Digital website went live.


Prominent in Google searches: Always There Automotive’s website’s design, structure and text content is optimised for prominence in Google searches. Once its new GOOP Digital website went live in November 2015 the business’s Google ranking soared 43 percent to achieve a visibility of 90 percent for its keywords. That result equates to being on the home page of Google for all its keywords and in top positions for most of those keywords.

Responsive and user-friendly: Always There Automotive’s new website responds to whatever device it is viewed on. Importantly, the business’s contact details are always prominent and on a mobile phone the number is never more than a finger push away, meaning searchers can quickly and easily reach the Always There Automotive team.

Accountable: As it does with all its clients, GOOP Digital has ensured Always There Automotive’s website has its own unique Google Analytics code. The code allows Sean and his team to keep track of the number of visitors to the site, see which pages and services attract the most searches and generally prove to the Always There team that GOOP Digital has done its job and continues to monitor, assess and update the website so it performs in Google. Always There Automotive’s hosting agreement with GOOP Digital ensures its website is always running an up-to-date version of WordPress, is backed up regularly and performing as well as possible. There are parallels between the regular servicing Always There Automotive provides its clients with the ongoing maintenance GOOP Digital provides its website clients. Both ensure premium ongoing performance.