As a trusted Google partner, our team knows how to formulate the right Google Ads campaign for your Geelong business that leaves little to chance when it comes to appearing in front of your competitors online. With a search engine market share of more than ninety-percent in Australia, Google is the ideal setting to market your products or services to specific audiences. However, what many small businesses don't realise is that a paid search strategy is a necessary first step to capitalise effectively.

For well over a decade, we've been specialising in creating unique paid search strategies and in converting these into relevant clicks for our client's. Ultimately, we'll help you reach more targets on Google, while saving you from wasting excess funds in the long run.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google

Gain the biggest bang for your buck with Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) and cut into the market instantly.

Google Ads is an advertising platform where advertisers Pay Per Click (PPC) on an indexed auction-based system. Google Ads has revolutionised the world of advertising because advertisers only pay when a user clicks on the relevant advertisement.  Being an indexed-based system means that over time and with considerable effort, your Google Ads campaign can be honed and become more cost-effective in not only delivering clicks but conversions. Google Ads has an enormous amount of data so our campaigns are based on objective data rather than subjective opinion.

With a search engine market share of more than 90 percent in Australia, Google is the ideal setting to market your products or services to specific audiences. Every business, large and small, needs a paid search strategy.

GOOP Digital specialises not only in creating a unique paid search strategy for your business, but also in converting that strategy into relevant clicks for your website.

Influence visitors to your site and attract only the most targeted and highly relevant website visitors with Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, formerly known as Google AdWords.

  • Google Ads and mobile phones

    According to an article by Wordstream (July 2020) "60% of Google searches are done via mobile devices. Only 5 years ago, the figure was nearly half that—34%. With more than 60 per cent of Google searches made on a mobile device, it’s important your website is prominent where people are searching.

    With GOOP Digital’s Google Ads management our specialists will help you own more real estate on Google.

    If you run a search on your trusty mobile phone, you will no doubt see the first page taken up by Google ads.

    The mobile search landscape is designed to encourage clicks on Google ads. Searchers on mobile devices are often on the go and are less likely to scroll down to the organic results. Google wants users to find exactly what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

    With GOOP Digital’s Google Ads and PPC management, our specialists will ensure your ads are super-relevant to searchers looking for your services, delivering targeted leads to your website. GOOP Digital provides monthly reporting and Google Ads management to track progress and prove return on investment (ROI).

  • Conversion tracking

    Conversion tracking is essential when running Google Ads, without it you'll simply be guessing whether your ads campaign is working for you. When you run ads with Google you will want to see whether the clicks to your website are leading to a certain action.

    Conversion tracking is crucial to success and free! You'll be able to see what happens after a visitor engages with your ad, whether they purchased a product, called your business or filled in a website form. When a visitor completes the action you have setup as a conversion these will appear in your ads account as conversions.

    With conversion tracking you will be able to see which keywords and ads are the best at driving leads and you will be better placed at understanding your return on investment and make educated and data-driven decisions from there.

    When you engage GOOP Digital for a Google Ads campaign we'll ensure all relevant conversion tracking is setup and super relevant to your business goals.

  • Your Google Ads campaign set up

    When you consult GOOP Digital for a Google Ads campaign, we do all we can to ensure that it is relevant and effective for your business. Your Google Ads campagin set up will include

    • Initial consult
    • Google Ads account setup
    • Ad spend management
    • Ad group creation
    • Keyword research and selection
    • Ad copy creation
    • Landing page review
    • Setup conversion tracking
    • Setup phone call tracking
    • Use of ad extensions where applicable
    • Google Analytics inegration
    • Mobile ad optimisation
  • Monthly Google Ads management

    We manage each Google Ads campaign closely and provide you with monthly reporting to prove the value of our work.


    • Dedicated campaign manager and monthly phone call to review results and provide feedback
    • Monthly reporting including conversion tracking and phone call tracking

    Ad Management

    • Keyword and ad quality score optimisation
    • Bid adjustments as required to improve ad performance
    • Testing of underperforming ads
    • Ad copy modification and/or ad schedule adjustments to improve ad performance
    • Management and optimisation of extensions
    • Ad ranking optimisation

    Ad Spend 

    • Monthly ad spend will be paid directly to Google at the agreed capped monthly spend
  • Google Shopping campaigns

    If you sell products online you can run Google Shopping campaigns to sell and promote your online products, increase traffic to your online shop and influence better qualified leads.

    In comparison to Google text ads which only show text, Shopping ads are more visual and show users on Google a photo of your product along with a title, price and your shop or brand name. As a result these ads provide more qualified leads.

    GOOP Digital will use your Shopping campaign to create ads on Google where potential customers can see what you're selling. There's quite a lot of work when creating Google Shopping campaigns which also requires product feed setup via Google's Merchant center.

    Let the experts handle all the grunt work, contact our PPC and Google Shopping Ads specialists for more information about how you can advertise your products on Google.

  • Google Remarketing

    Google Remarketing is one of the single most powerful tools available to small to medium businesses.

    Remarketing is the ability to track and deliver display ads to users who have visited your website for a set duration of up to two years. The ads can vary and be adjusted for various campaigns and in our opinion, one of the most cost-effective brand marketing campaigns a small to medium business can do. Not to mention the ability to track clicks and conversions ads a layer of reporting that simply isn't available to traditional offline media businesses. All data becomes objective.

    The ad units you use for your campaigns provides a wide range of display ad formats:

    A display ad is an online advertisement that can appear on any number of websites across the globe.  It appears in a variety of format sizes to fit the advertising units on different websites. Common ad unit sizes being banner (468x60), leaderboard (728x90), top banner (930x180) and large leaderboard (970x90). There are 25 different display ad sizes used in Remarketing campaigns with Google.

    There are two main display ad types:

    1. Responsive display ads
    2. Custom display ads.

    Responsive ads are more cost-effective to create however they don't have the visual appeal of custom display ads (custom display ads will cost extra). Custom display ads have a large range of options you can use. Animated, video and image being some of the core creative elements. With custom ads though, you need to create ads in each of the core unit sizes.

    Contact our PPC and remarketing specialists for more information about running a Google Ads and Remarketing campaign for your business.

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