Facebook pixel is a piece of code that is embedded onto a user’s browser after they have visited your website that then enables you to build out a customised audience based on users that have visited your website. Once activated you can then send ads back to your custom audience which you can then track and modify for optimised conversions (yes you can track who converts to a phone call, purchase, online enquiry and real foot traffic*). The art of re-advertising back to these clients is referred to as ‘remarketing’.

At the end of this article, you can read why it is so vital to implement Facebook pixel as part of your social media remarketing now.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is the ability to target ads based on users (and user behaviour on your website for more advanced campaigns) previous visit history to your website. These ads are incredibly powerful and can work wonders if coupled with a strategic marketing plan. Most people that do a remarketing campaign with Facebook Pixel will run a few static ads and bombard people with a bland, irritating and uninteresting content that doesn’t change. These ads can be activated and de-activated very quickly, and content changed to suit the season or your new marketing campaign.

Think different industry categories and how they can run straightforward campaigns over 12 months

Accountants remarketing

  • BAS lodgement time – 4 times a year for small business
  • May / June Tax planning time
  • Self Managed Superannuation

Retail remarketing

  • Christmas
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • End of Financial Year Sales

Hospitality remarketing

  • Winter menu/winter accommodation specials
  • Local events – come back and enjoy
  • Seasonal bookings required in advance

Electrical remarketing

  • Pre summer air conditioning unit installation
  • Pre summer Fan installation
  • Simple reminders you can do small electrical jobs
  • LED downlight replacements

Medical remarketing

  • Flu shots (flu season)
  • COVID updates
  • Travel vaccinations

Why do I need to do Facebook Pixel now?

Facebook Pixel is a unique and powerful tool. The remarketing is predicated on embedding code (cookies) on users web browsers. Hence, the ad server recognises that browser at a later date so we can send it targeted ads based on their previous website behaviour.

I must predicate the following with the fact that at Goop Digital, we are not lawyers, nor do we profess to be, and the following is our understanding. (Seek legal advice when necessary).
Currently, Australian law is focused on what the advertising giants like Facebook and Google do with the data once they have collected it as opposed to how they go about collecting this data. Typically “cookie” collection is done on an ‘opt-out’ basis and not ‘opt-in’.

Given the current climate, it is more than likely that an opt-in model will become law. An opt-in methodology means it will be more likely that users will be aware that they are being tracked and users can cap and control how much information/data they ultimately share with these advertising behemoths.

What does this all mean?

If a Government wants to shut this down, it is because it is too good to be true. Call your local digital marketing agency and start doing this now. Facebook Pixel is one of the most potent and affordable ad targeting formats available to small to medium business. It is more than likely that a future Government will dilute the ability for small business to remarket the way we can today. By activating this today, you are capturing your audience so that you can continue using this powerful advertising tool moving forward.

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