Business logo design services, Geelong


Goop Digital Geelong logo designLogo design at our Geelong HQ is often the first task in GOOP Digital’s website creation process. Many clients come to GOOP Digital with very little brand collateral and it’s our job to design and create a logo which provides an enduring look and style for their business to apply to their website and all other marketing elements. Fortunately, our Geelong business logo design services are structured so the logo design process and other graphic design work such as business cards and social media artwork integrates seamlessly into the website creation process.

Logo design is an important part of building a business brand. A logo is most likely the first interaction a client has with your business and having a consistent brand shows credibility and professionalism and ultimately allows you to stand out in your field. Isn’t that what every business wants?

Our Geelong logo design team has a wide range of experience designing logos across an expansive range industries in regional and metropolitan centres. We have developed a process that enables us to represent your business with a logo that is unique and has impact. We also empower you to keep your business branding applications consistent, providing a style guide that outlines your fonts and colours for use in various situations.


1. We build a creative brief.

2. We conduct industry research.

3. We design a selection of logos.

4. We give you three unique concepts to consider.

5. You provide us with feedback.

6. We provide up to two revisions with your changes.

7. You approve and pay for your logo.

8. We deliver your logo files and style guide.

GOOP Digital’s logo team starts each project with a series of questions so we can understand you and your business. We admit some of these questions might be a little difficult to answer immediately so we want you to think about them and then send through your answers when you’re ready. Your answers are part of the first stage of designing your new logo – building the creative brief – and we won’t be able to start working on a logo without your responses. The more information you give us, the more accurately we can represent your business.

Business logo designs

GOOP Digital’s logo design services encompass four main types of logo:

Word mark

Your organisation’s name in a uniquely stylised font that becomes your logo.

Pictorial mark

This is a unique shape or image that can be recognised instantly and represents your business.

Letter mark

GOOP Digital’s graphic designers use the letters or initials from your business name to create a logo.

Abstract mark

Our graphic designers create an abstract shape or symbol which they then use to display the values of your business.

Logo design packages

Clients engaging our Geelong logo design services have a choice of products. They can go for the package we call Just the logo, a more advanced package called The Toolbox, or choose the whole full-blown branding experience, our Brand Identity Pack. Here’s what involved with each package:

Just the logo…

  • Research, design and development of logos
  • Three unique logos to choose from
  • Two revisions
  • One-page Style Guide

The Toolbox

  • Research, design and development of logos
  • Three unique logos to choose from.
  • One-page Style Guide
  • Two revisions
  • Business card and letterhead design
    (Does not include printing)

Brand Identity Pack

  • Research, design and development of logos
  •  Three unique logos to choose from
  •  Two revisions
  • Stationery Pack – Business card, letterhead, envelope and Facebook and Google + cover
    (Does not include printing)

GOOP Digital is much more than websites. Our graphic artists also provide a Geelong business card design service, graphic design for social media, photography for clients and, of course, our traditional SEO website design and development. Through our industry affiliations we also provide Pay Per Click advertising options. For the complete marketing experience contact GOOP Digital today.