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What is "online marketing" and why is it essential for my small business?

Online marketing is a broad term, but one we like to break down into priorities and keep simple. We are big believers that online marketing doesn't have to be too hard! Being Geelong-based and regionally focused, we know how important it is for small business owners to have realistic expectations of what a successful online presence looks like.

We take an approach to online marketing that's practical. All the written strategies in the world won't help a small business owner if it's not clear how to implement the advice. And let's face it, the online landscape is expansive and constantly changing. GOOP Digital guides you through the digital unknown, providing advice, training and services to ensure your message is cohesive and targeted.

  • The core elements of online marketing

    From GOOP Digital's perspective, we believe online marketing should encompass, and prioritise, the following core elements:

    1. Website - must be functional, user-friendly and optimised for Google.
    2. Blogging on your website - build on your asset, build on your Google rankings and promote products, services and service locations.
    3. Social media - effective for brand awareness and too powerful to be ignored.
    4. Email marketing - an effective form of communication with existing clients, stay in their subconscious mind.
    5. Paid Ad campaigns - reach your target audience and get maximum bang for your buck.
    6. Video - a compelling way to tell your brand's story or promote products and services.
  • Get online and get noticed today!

    If you feel your online presence lacks substance, talk to us about our online marketing services and strategies to help you increase your reach, including Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. If you're looking for a web developer in Geelong, we will start by crafting an attractive web design that works with Google's requirements for SEO.

    When you get GOOPed, you get a website and online marketing team that delivers what you and your business need.

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