Google-optimised SEO websites for small businesses

Need a plumber? Looking for a florist? On the hunt for a new accountant or even a wedding venue? Google it!

The words "Google it" have become part of the modern psyche - in Geelong, across the country and around the world. And because of that, small business owners have realised the need for Search Engine Optimisation SEO and that they need to be visible in Google's search results when people 'Google it.' If water is pouring out from under your sink, you need a plumber, you just don't know which one you're going to choose yet. You have intent to spend money, it's just a matter of who with, and it's more likely than not that you'll "Google it" to find out who to call and spend your cash.

As an organic SEO agency based in Geelong, we know Google is the platform people use to inform them of who to spend their money with. Page 1 of Google's search results is prime real estate and research shows that people are more likely to change their search query than look at page 2 of Google.

  • What exactly is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimisation or "SEO" is the practice of optimising content so Google finds it, likes it and shows it to searchers. Your website is your content battleship, which is why GOOP Digital builds SEO into the structure of every website, from the very beginning.

    SEO encompasses many elements, including webdesign and development. The most common element of SEO is keywords and copywriting. Keywords are the terms and phrases your customers are typing into Google search to find what they need, where they need it. Many of our clients never fully understand SEO, but they don't need to because we're so good at it.

  • SEO is essential to being found on Google, but it doesn't have to be difficult to understand

    We've tried to keep this explanation of SEO plain and simple, but if you're still feeling a bit unsure, know this:

    • SEO is what drives business online. It's what makes your business get found in Google. It's what regional small business owners need to level the playing field.

    SEO is one part of our process. We also provide responsive web design businesses and regional businesses across the country need for a mobile-friendly presence. It's all part of getting online marketing that works. Contact us or visit our SEO agency in Geelong to talk to a real person.

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