What are Google Shopping ads?

Shopping ads provide users with a visual representation of your product.

Unlike Google Search text ads that only show textual information Shopping ads provide users with a visual representation of your product. These ads showcase a product photo along with essential details such as the product price, title, your shop name and more. By offering users a comprehensive view of the product before they even click on the ad Shopping ads generate higher quality leads for your business.

Google Shopping ads are specifically designed to appear when users search for products on Google and Google Shopping. These ads are targeted and tailored to display relevant products to users based on their search queries.

  • Increase traffic to your shop and influence better qualified leads

    If you sell products online you can run Google Shopping ads campaigns to sell and promote your online products, increase traffic to your online shop and influence better qualified leads. GOOP Digital will use your Shopping campaign to create ads on Google where potential customers can see what you're selling. There's quite a lot of work when creating Google Shopping campaigns which also requires product feed setup via Google's Merchant center.

    Google Shopping ads guarantee increased visibility for your products and outperform regular search ads. By using shopping ads you can attract high-quality leads to your online shop. These ads offer shoppers comprehensive information about your products even before they click.

    Partner with Google Shopping ads experts GOOP Digital and advertise your products on Google now.

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