Be truly unforgettable with impressive photography online

Photography can either make or break a website design. If you want to make a strong visual impression, you need it.

Beautiful photographs help make beautiful websites but not every client who arrives at GOOP Digital has stunning images of their workplace and their goods and services. Our graphic designers have access to a variety of library images that can help fill the gaps but we all know nothing beats original, high-quality photographs of you and your business doing what you do, where you do it.

Today's modern smartphones are capable of capturing exceptional images and we have built websites featuring such images but, more often than not, the best results from smartphones come from users whose skills are a little above the average. Unfortunately, many smartphone images don't quite reach the lofty expectations of our design team. Fortunately, help is at hand and GOOP Digital can recommend a selection of professional photographers who can help with photographs for your online project, or we can adopt a different approach altogether and create a website which doesn't rely on photographs.

  • Our team are here to help

    GOOP Digital has three main approaches when working with clients who don't have quality images for us to work with:

    1. Professional photographer

    GOOP Digital recommends a professional photographer who can capture high-quality images of your business and its many features.

    2. Image libraries

    GOOP Digital's graphic artists scour online image libraries for photographs which reflect the client's services.

  • Go the creative route

    3. Websites with no photographs

    In these cases, GOOP Digital adopts a minimalist approach and designs a website that does not require images but instead relies on stunning typography, colour and cutting-edge layout. Our graphic designers enjoy these challenges and the results are usually astounding.

    Please don't panic if you don't have images for your website or other online marketing options because we offers solutions. We also offer some of the best SEO websites in regional Australia, sensational social media services, an array of graphic design services and our logo design in Geelong stands out for all the right reasons. Contact GOOP Digital today.

  • Captivate your audience with drone footage

    At GOOP Digital we are big believers in quality video footage. We understand its power to connect with consumers and communicate the scale and quality of the work our clients do. Our team are lucky enough to have strong partnerships with various professionals in this field. To learn more about how we hook your business up with professional video and drone footage, get in contact with us today.

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