Geelong-based social media marketing

Just like our websites, we make social media marketing simple for small business owners in Geelong and beyond. Forget tricky tools and intricate campaigns that keep you up at night, we know what works for businesses when it comes to being social online. Quality content, targeted to your audience, with the right amount of personality and an appropriate tone injects new life into your social presence.

Aggregated and automated content is one way to alienate your audience. Not having time to implement social media properly is another.

Let us take the stress out of crafting engaging and unique posts on your social channels. Blogging is one of our online strengths and we also work with social media marketing services which cover other social media services, from social media set-up to full-on management, and even training so you can DIY. Social media service recommendations are just some of the many website extras we provide to ensure clients’ websites deliver precisely what is needed.

GOOP Digital shouts the benefits of blogging from the rooftops. It’s such an effective way to market your business online. Did you know that a blog feed, embedded on your actual website, is the most effective way to boost your business’s organic Google visibility? And that’s exactly why we offer an affordable SEO blog-writing service. Forget taking the time to learn about keywords and appropriate link-building techniques, we’ll do it for you, at a tiny fraction of the cost external SEO companies charge.

And because we’re accountable, we’ll show you how effective blogging is via reporting and Google Analytics data.

Email marketing can be a bit mysterious. Many people don’t know that you shouldn’t send bulk email via your ‘regular’ mail program. Bulk email needs to be sent via an approved bulk emailing/e-News program. Like MailChimp!

The good news is, we will dissolve the mystery surrounding email marketing. We’ll show you how easy and effective it can be. We can even set up your email marketing account, provide training or write and send e-Newsletters to your customers for you.

Managing social media accounts takes time. Often small business owners don’t have the luxury of time, particularly when it comes to those extra, albeit important, tasks such as posting on a Facebook page. Something is better than nothing, right? Well, not really. If we use Facebook as an example, it’s active population is bigger than China. If it were a country, it would be the biggest in the world. There’s a lot of room to get lost if you’re not managing it’s potential effectively!

We provide recommendations and referrals for social media management for business owners in Geelong and beyond, too. Social media management includes:

  • crafting quality posts to publish on your social platforms
  • monitoring and driving engagement
  • monitoring and responding to comments, reviews and inbox messages.

Forget the old ‘something is better than nothing’ motto. Forget aggregated content. The quality of our partners’ social content stands out and drives engagement, often well above industry averages. Choosing the right set-up and then making your logo and branding work within social media spaces is a headache many small business owners would rather avoid. Your logo is horizontal, the profile picture space is square – we get it! Our allied social media experts will ensure your social channels are set up correctly, appropriately branded with your logo and relevant graphics or imagery, and ready to serve your social needs.

Just some of the platforms routinely set up for small business owners include: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Channels and LinkedIn Company Pages. There’s also the set up of MailChimp email marketing accounts and branded email templates, which falls under the email marketing banner.

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of social media training to polish those posts and learn how to take a more strategic approach. You can post a picture, link and even schedule posts, yet the interaction just isn’t there! Our partners will show you what’s missing and teach you how to be a more strategic social poster. There’s no need to learn fancy tricks or time-consuming techniques, just some straightforward tips about how to do it better.

And if you need to learn how to use a social platform from scratch, that’s fine too. You’ll be shown how to log in and get around. It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, what’s most important is that once you leave training you’ve learnt the gems of knowledge you came for!

Don’t have an attractive website that ranks in Google searches for what you do, where you do it? We build the websites Geelong small business owners need to get found online but we have clients in all corners of the country, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re not Geelong-based. It doesn’t matter where you live in regional Australia, there’s nothing stopping you from getting GOOPED!