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Get GOOPED: Google-friendly WordPress websites.

Website development is mostly a mystery to those who don’t actively work in the industry. The truth is, truly talented web developers aren’t easy to find. We’re fortunate to have a solid web development team in Geelong that works with our web designers to ensure what looks good online¬†will also work optimally, on all devices.

We build WordPress websites in Geelong, for small businesses across the country. We use WordPress because:

  • it’s Google-friendly, WordPress code is a language that’s easy for Google to understand
  • it’s a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), clients can update their own content for free
  • WordPress powers most websites on the Internet, for the reasons above, and plenty more.

We custom build all WordPress websites. Technically, yes, we do use themes – all websites use themes!But every theme we use is custom-built in-house by our web development team. You get a website that’s entirely unique to your business and developed to suit your specific needs.

It’s no use having a good-looking website that doesn’t do any of the things you need it to. A reputable web developer will ensure a website that not only looks beautiful, also functions beautifully too.

Often people will search for a web designer in Geelong, not realising that design and development are quite different! When you choose GOOP Digital you get a stress-free experience because our websites incorporate design, development, SEO and copywriting. What others call extras, we call essentials. It’s all part of getting GOOPED. Contact us to discuss your needs!