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Technology is ancillary to the process.

That little gem is one of the many quotes from GOOP Digital’s Managing Director Karl Morris when explaining the science behind websites that work.

Essentially it means you can have the greatest tools in the world but if you don’t follow process, all the technology on Earth won’t improve your outcome.

We didn’t become a premium website agency for regional businesses across Australia by slapping projects together in an ad hoc fashion. We have a smooth and structured website development process that’s proven to produce big results for small businesses. We take the time to get to know your business or organisation, your branding, your competitors and ultimately, what we need to do to level the playing field.

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    Our process starts with hours of serious research. We ask who your competitors are and take a look at their websites. Then we look at websites of businesses in the same industry who rank highly on Google. We also look at other websites in your field that don’t rank well but might have good menus and design layouts. We research the design, content and keywords for every website we build, for every business, every time, so we can merge the best design ideas with the highest-ranking keywords.

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    Strategic Planning

    This is where we determine the structure of your website – the sitemap. Using information about your products and services, we plan the order of the pages, sub-menu pages and news categories for your website. We decide which keywords will be page-specific and which ones will be used overall. This is the basic skeleton of your website which will be fleshed out with the design and content. This is an important step in making sure we optimise individual pages for relevant Google searches.

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    Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

    We make sure we use the most-searched keywords relevant to your products and services and combine these with your main geographic location. This factual data is based on our proven reporting processes. We optimise individual pages by adding specific keywords to the metadata and content on every single page. We also use the identified keywords throughout the copy on your site and link them where relevant.

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    One of GOOP Digital’s strengths is its team of professional copywriters, who all have journalism, public relations and marketing backgrounds. Our copywriters are trained in SEO and understand how to add and write new content so your website ranks on Google. We keep up with the latest Google algorithm changes that affect how we write our sites. One of the most important tasks when writing a website is making sure the content is genuine, relevant and unique.

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    While we always incorporate certain elements for functionality (such as your phone number on every page), every design is unique. Our highly-skilled in-house designers use your business logo as well as any collateral or promotional material to design a website that reflects the look and feel of your brand.

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    Our Geelong web developers take all the ingredients we’ve gathered and put them together with love, professionalism and painstaking attention to detail. They take the design concept and bring it to life using technical skill and precision. We keep up with the latest and greatest CMS versions and other technological advancements, which allows us to offer responsive web design (and who knows what in the future!) Each website is custom built so that it is Google-friendly, user-friendly and remains true to the design concept. Our web developers will also submit your site to Google so that it is ready to be indexed, searched and found!

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    Social Media

    Everybody wants social media integration with their website, and why wouldn’t they? Social media is an integral part of your website and online marketing and our web designers and developers incorporate social media features into our website designs and functionality.

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    Google Analytics

    GOOP Digital adds unique Google Analytics code to every website it creates as standard practice. Analytics are essential in monitoring your website. You can track which pages people are landing on, how long they are staying for, what devices people use to view your site and much more.

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    We don’t only research, plan, design, write and develop your website, we also ensure it has a smooth entry into the world wide web. We handle and closely supervise the online changes, updates and other details that are part of a new website going live. We don’t want you to have to worry about a thing.

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    At GOOP Digital we ensure your website is working at peak performance, and our hosting ensures you have sufficient bandwidth for your requirements, that your CMS is regularly updated and backed-up and that our Australian-based servers are under constant surveillance. There’s no set and forget when it comes to a GOOP Digital website. We pride ourselves on our maintenance, assistance and hosting because we know our reputation and your website depend on it.

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    Our accountability for a website’s ranking in Google is one of the elements that sets GOOP Digital apart from other web developers. We don’t just design, build and launch websites, we then track their performance and make sure they achieve prominence in Google for their keywords. If a website doesn’t reach the prominence we’ve promised our clients, then we keep working on the site until it achieves the required Google rankings. Our goal is to make your website prominent for what it is you do, where you do it, and we provide regular reports on your site’s ranking performance until it achieves the agreed benchmark. That’s what comes with getting GOOPED!

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