What is Google Display Remarketing?

Google Display Remarketing is one of the single most powerful tools available to small to medium businesses.

Display Remarketing is the ability to track and deliver display ads to users who have visited your website for a set duration of up to two years. The ads can vary and be adjusted for various campaigns and in our opinion, one of the most cost-effective brand marketing campaigns a small to medium business can do. Not to mention the ability to track clicks and conversions ads a layer of reporting that simply isn't available to traditional offline media businesses. All data becomes objective.

The ad units you use for your campaigns provides a wide range of display ad formats.

  • What are display ads?

    A display ad is an online advertisement that can appear on any number of websites across the globe.  It appears in a variety of format sizes to fit the advertising units on different websites. Common ad unit sizes being banner (468x60), leaderboard (728x90), top banner (930x180) and large leaderboard (970x90). There are 20 different display ad sizes used in Display Remarketing campaigns with Google.

    There are two main display ad types:

    1. Responsive display ads
    2. Custom creative display ads.
  • Cost-effective standard responsive ads

    A responsive display ad is a type of ad that is built based on assets which are various components of the ad, such as headlines, images, and logos. Google Display Remarketing responsive ads are designed to adapt to the wide-range of ad sizes found on the internet and various screen sizes used.

    Once digital assets are uploaded Google uses machine learning algorithms to combine these assets into multiple ad variations across the web. This allows for continuous optimisation to achieve the best performance. With responsive display ads you have the ability to upload assets such as headlines, descriptions, images, logos and videos.

  • Custom creative display ads

    Responsive ads while cost-effective to create don't have the visual appeal of custom display ads (custom display ads will cost extra). Custom display ads have a large range of options you can use. Animated, video and image being some of the core creative elements.

    Custom creative display ads empower you to showcase your own custom images on the Google Display Network. When uploading custom display ads it's important to adhere to specific requirements for the ad creatives. GOOP Digital will create ads in each of the 20 core unit sizes.

    Contact our Display Remarketing specialists for more information about running a Google Display Remarketing campaign for your business.

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