Geelong web design that comes with the lot

Websites that work for small businesses in Geelong and beyond

We build websites for clients all over Australia. The development of even our most basic websites takes us more than 100 hours, split between our in-house Geelong team of expert online strategists, web design team, SEO copywriters and developers. We’ve developed a smooth process that takes the headache out of having a new website built.

Our websites are:

  • Australian-made
  • Australian-hosted
  • supported by GOOP Digital’s in-house Geelong team.

All that’s left for you to do is contact us to discuss what you do and where you do it, so we can build you a cracking website that looks good and works even better. We won’t talk about servers or other foreign matters, because who has time for jargon? Not small business owners, that’s for sure!

What you get when you get GOOPED!

At GOOP Digital, our websites come with every feature you require for a stunning, fully functioning, organic-SEO-ranking professional website. With our web design there are no hidden costs, no surprises. What our website developers promise is precisely what we deliver.

Show me!

  • Want SEO? It comes with the website – it’s not a hidden extra – and our Geelong SEO copywriters have an obligation to ensure your site performs in Google.
  • Worried you’ll have to write the text content for your new website? Don’t be. Our web development includes specialised SEO copywriting Geelong businesses were the first to discover delivers impressive results.
  • Want access to the CMS so you can add or change content? You’ve got it! We actually want you to add content to your website and we’ll show you to do it in a way that boost’s the site’s online presence.
  • Want social media links? Of course you do – and we’ll add them to your site as part of the build.
  • Need help with your Google My Business listing? You don’t any longer because we’ll get your Google details in order.
  • How about reports on your new website’s performance? Not a problem. That’s how we prove your website is working.
  • Finally, how does peace of mind sound? GOOP Digital’s website care plans keep your website up to date and backed up so you can focus on your business.

Web hosting with your Geelong web developer

As a web developer in Geelong, we provide a quality web hosting service. Our WordPress websites are all hosted on Australian-based servers in state of the art facility, monitored 24/7 on Australian time.

GOOP Digital hosts websites on dedicated servers that only house GOOP Digital clients. Website hosting is like living in a share house – your website will live on the same server as other websites. The good news is that websites built, maintained and hosted by GOOP Digital make good roomies! They are safe, secure and up-to-date.

Our web hosting service includes:

  • Australian-based server monitoring
  • website backups
  • WordPress CMS updates
  • security upgrades
  • domain emails.

We’ve always said our websites are like a hamburger with the lot. Check out the table below and see for yourself what you get when you get GOOPED with a website from Geelong’s GOOP Digital. And if you’re not sure or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Locations 1 1 1
Domain Registration
Goop Digital can register a domain for your business if you don't already have one. An domains we register for you are assigned to your ABN, so the domain is yours - not ours.
Domain Transfer
If you already have a domain with another registrar, Goop Digital can transfer it into our management for your peace of mind. You will remain the owner of your domain, we will just look after it for you.
WordPress CMS
1.5GB Disk Quota
Hard disk storage quotas restricts the amount of data you can store on the server, including your website files and POP3 email.
Advanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Strategy / Research
Keyword Efficiency Indicator
Detailed Site Plan
Google My Business / Yelp Directory Management
Copywriting 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Professional SEO Copywriting 20 hours Up to 30 hours Up to 45 hours
SEO Metadata
Design 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Custom Design
Goop Digital's designs are based on your branding, custom-made for you and your business. We do not use third-party templates purchased elsewhere. Our designs are 'Google-optimised' so they're search-engine friendly.
Website Development 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Responsive Design
Responsive web design (RWD) ensures your users can easily access your website via a wide range of devices - from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.
Blog (Latest News)
Blogs are crucial for driving traffic to your website, enabling you to constantly create relevant content for your customers.
Google Map Integration
Basic Contact / Enquiry Form
Custom Form Option ($) 1 2
XML and HTML Sitemaps
Sitemaps are very important for SEO, and enable search engines to crawl your site. The XML version is primarily for the search engines, while the HTML version is a handy tool for your site's users.
Image Galleries Standard Standard Custom (if required, otherwise Standard)
Website Submission to Google
Site Search Function
If your site has a large amount of pages, Goop Digital recommends that a search function is made available for your users, so they can easily find what they're looking for.
Option ($) Option ($) Option
Google Analytics
Email Marketing Integration
Easily collect subscriber emails via a form on your website, then send your latest news and/or promotions directly to their inboxes.
Cross-Browser Compatibility
Goop Digital will ensure your site works across all the major current browsers, to ensure you reach a wide range of users.
Custom Favicon
Social Media 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Social Media Links
Your site can include icons which link to your preferred social media accounts, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on.
YouTube Video Embeds
Social Sharing Buttons
We can include simple sharing buttons to help your content get likes and shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks.
Option ($) Option ($)
Website Launch 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Update Name Servers
If your domain is managed by Goop Digital then we can update your name servers for you as soon as your site is ready to go live.
Website Hosting 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
5GB Bandwidth Per Month
Server Monitoring
WordPress CMS Updates
WordPress Backups
POP3 Email Addresses - 100MB Per Mailbox
Goop Digital do not necessarily recommend POP3 as it can only be downloaded onto a single device, permanently. However, we will set up a maximum of five POP3 accounts for you, but we do expect these POP3 emails to be managed by your own IT company.
Option Option Option
Webmail Access
If you have a POP3 account and are temporarily unable to access your primary access device, you can check for any newly-received emails online.
Reporting 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
Keyword Rank Report
Goop Digital will run keyword rank reports until your website achieves a ranking of 75% or higher.
Website Training 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
WordPress CMS Training 1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours
SEO-Focused Blog Training
Image Gallery Training
Shopping Cart Training NA NA NA
SEO-Focused Blog Training
After Launch 1-25 pages 26-35 pages 36-50 pages
SEO Advice
Unlimited DIY Content Changes


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