SEO copywriting professionals in Geelong

Crafting compelling copy that Google loves.

GOOP Digital employs qualified and skilled writers with experience. All our copywriters are qualified journalists, public relations officers or academic professionals who have a high level of relevant industry experience and natural writing talent. Our SEO copywriters in Geelong write only for GOOP Digital websites and social media clients and their copywriting skills are one¬†of the reasons our clients’ websites stand out from the crowd. Almost anyone can write copy, but crafting copy that’s compelling for your customers while being Google-friendly¬†is an art best left to trained professionals.

Just like responsive web design, copywriting is a standard inclusion for websites crafted by GOOP Digital in Geelong.

Our SEO copywriters are:

  • efficient researchers, quickly grasping knowledge about your industry and details about your brand
  • trained SEO professionals, understanding how to incorporate Google-friendly words and phrases, as advised by our online strategists
  • talented writers who want your products and services to be promoted in the best light, in a tone that suits your industry
  • writing only for GOOP Digital, so you can be sure your online presence is getting 100 percent of their attention.

As an SEO company in Geelong, we know how important personal and professional copywriting is to your business, which is why it’s a core element in our web development process. Please contact us to find out more and learn what it means to get GOOPED. Once you do, there’s no going back.