GOOP Digital’s work for its clients doesn’t end when a website goes live – in fact, it’s really just beginning. Our Geelong websites team is constantly working in the background on clients’ sites, ensuring websites are safe and secure, up to date and performing in Google and that clients’ online presence is continually evolving.

Take for example Geelong’s iconic Wharf Shed Café, one of the latest recipients of GOOP Digital’s ongoing work behind the scenes.

The Wharf Shed Cafe's email from Google.
A screenshot from The Wharf Shed Cafe’s image views report, emailed from Google.

One of our in-house Google gurus tweaked Wharf Shed’s Google account during September, including the addition of a photograph, and the tweaks quickly paid off.

A report emailed from Google tells us the photograph from outside café, which overlooks stunning Corio Bay, picked up almost 500 views on Google Maps in one week alone in late September. Another photograph of the cafe had almost 100 views, giving Wharf Shed Café almost 600 Google Maps views for the week. Nice work!

The Google Maps success follows on from the triumphs of the Wharf Shed Café’s website, which gained even more prominence in Google searches during September. With a keyword ranking of just six percent when GOOP Digital took over its website, the Wharf Shed Café is now ranking at 85 percent. That’s worth coffees all round!

Check out the Wharf Shed Café next time you’re out for a walk along the Geelong waterfront or driving along Eastern Beach Road.

And remember to check out the cafe’s online presence, including its GOOP Digital website!

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