At GOOP our web developers’ goal is to get clients on the first page of Google for what it is they do, where they do it, and we have a saying which helps explain the importance of that front-page presence. It’s a joke but you’ll appreciate the sentiment: “Where do you hide a dead body? Put it on the second page of Google!”

GOOP research shows that internet searchers are putting more and more faith in Google’s first page of results to deliver precisely what it is they’re looking for. If searchers don’t find what they want on that first page they’re more inclined to try a new search term rather than clicking through to the second page of Google.

In other words, if the answer is not on that first page, then it might as well not be on any page. Searchers are not going past that first page and that means if your business’s website is not on the front page it might as well be on the last.

If Google’s amazing search algorithms have one ultimate goal, it’s to deliver precisely what internet searchers are looking for, and websites which best meet searchers’ search terms will always come up first.

Google is continually improving its ability to distinguish between dodgy and quality websites and anecdotal evidence certainly suggests internet users are putting more and more trust in Google to deliver the exact result they’re after on the first page, preferably in the first half-dozen results.

Yes, those annoying directories can still proliferate search engine results pages but well-structured and well-written websites will generally dominate the organic unpaid results.

At GOOP, the goal of our website development team in Geelong is to ensure your business is not the corpse hidden on the second page of Google, or beyond.

The home page of Google is where your business needs to be to have the best chance of attracting new customers. And if you’re like most internet users and trusting Google to deliver the results you want, then you should also trust GOOP to deliver a website built the way Google wants so your business is on the first page when people go online searching for your services.

Making you prominent in Google for what it is you do, where you do it, is what GOOP does best. Contact our web developers in Geelong to resurrect your business’s online presence and let GOOP inject the life your website needs to rise from the graveyard that exists behind the front page of Google’s search results.

Remember, at GOOP we build websites that work.

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