At GOOP we work exclusively with small businesses to build online strategy encompassing web design and development through to social media integration. After being engaged by a client the very first item we require is a logo. The volume of small businesses that don’t have a professionally prepared logo is amazingly high. When developing the website this presents us with  a number of issues, but more importantly I believe the business has already created issues for itself.

Presentation of your business


Creating one image and changing regularly can imply lack of direction. A central logo ensures that all materials emanating from your business remain consistent with constant logos and colours.

First impressions

First impressions can be lasting. The lack of a professional logo can seriously impede your first impressions.

Amateurish design

Unless you have a very good eye nothing screams amateur like clip art or other home-made graphic creations. If you are a professional at work and wish to convey this then make sure you have a professionally created logo.

Established and professional

Your logo should say ‘we care about all aspects of our business and we want to be remembered.’

Whilst cash flow is essential in the early days of your business, do not underestimate the power of your logo to help establish and drive your business and it’s reputation. At GOOP we work with and recommend several graphic designers who can help with your corporate identity and in the process help us to keep your corporate look and feel consistent.

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