Follow the quality advice of our Geelong website copywriters


Latest news out of Google is that the search behemoth has updated its quality rating guidelines, and that’s news that has an impact on anybody writing blogs to boost the search engine optimisation of websites. Rather than go into great depth about the rating guidelines and breaking down their focus on reputations and trust and tackling spam, our Geelong website copywriters have one sentence to sum up how bloggers should handle the ratings update: Write blogs that benefit searchers and answer their questions or solve their problems.

That’s it. Write blogs that actually help online searchers. Don’t focus on cramming keywords into your blogs to try and capture Google’s attention or waste time and money hiring so-called experts who claim to have solved the Google rankings riddle. It’s a waste of time, effort and money and, if you do manage to fool Google, it won’t be for long.

Focus on beneficial purpose

Be honest and helpful. Just write website content that helps searchers, and by doing that you’ll capture Google’s attention and new customers who want your products and services. Focus your writing on what Google calls “beneficial purpose”.

Here’s an example of how writing helpful content works from a search perspective, using Goop Digital as an example.

Our copywriters know people are looking online for web developers they can trust to build a website for their organisation. Searchers go to Google’s home page and type something along the lines of “good website companies in Geelong” and then wait the 0.28 seconds or whatever new record time it is for the results to come up.

Some searchers will click on the paid ads, some will look at the map listings and others will rely on the organic search returns, which is where Google’s quality ratings really come into play and where you’ll find Goop Digital’s website front and centre.

Answer questions and provide solutions

Goop Digital’s website focuses on providing information about our services, what we offer and how we can help businesses. We answer questions and provide solutions. Our website’s content has a “beneficial purpose”.

Sure, there are keywords such as “websites in Geelong” in the content but they’re naturally part of the text which is written primarily to offer solutions. Look at the opening sentence on the home page: “Goop Digital builds responsive websites, teaches social media, promotes marketing strategy and supports small business owners to get online and get noticed.” We’re telling prospective clients what we do and how we can help.

Take the same approach in your blogging. Tell searchers how and where you’ve helped somebody, or how your services can be of benefit to prospective clients in their part of the world. It’s not hard – nobody knows your business and what you do better than you. Just follow the lead of our copywriters and write about your work and you’ll discover that just by writing about what you do and where you do it you’ll have Google on side and the phone ringing.

Quality content isn’t hard and, best of all, it endures. Write good blogs with a beneficial focus and they’ll appear in searches next week, next month, next year, next whenever. Like we said, quality endures!

If you’d like to know more about Google’s quality ratings, need a helping hand writing blogs or just want to work with a reputable website company in Geelong, please contact Goop Digital. We’re here to help.