At GOOP Digital as a trusted Google partner, we run Google Ads and Google Remarketing campaigns for a large number of our clients. As you monitor these campaigns it becomes quite apparent that Google Remarketing for small to medium businesses is incredibly powerful. Our Managing Director Karl Morris has argued in the past that governments would potentially shut this down because it is so powerful. In anticipation of this Apple is no longer supporting 3rd party cookies and Google has pushed back its date for following suit to some time in 2024.

How does Google Remarketing work for small businesses?

Google Remarketing is effective for small businesses because it allows them to target previous website visitors who have already shown interest in their products or services. By displaying relevant ads to these people, small businesses can increase the chances of conversion and drive more sales.

Additionally, it can be cost-effective as the targeting is more precise, meaning smaller businesses can reach their desired audience with a lower cost per click. Furthermore, Google offers a wide range of remarketing options and customizations, which makes it easy for small businesses to create and launch effective campaigns, even with limited resources.

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Will Google’s decision to stop tracking third-party cookies in its Chrome browser impact remarketing advertising?

Yes, Google’s decision to stop tracking third-party cookies in its Chrome browser will likely impact remarketing advertising. Third-party cookies have been a key technology used for online tracking and targeted advertising, including remarketing. Without access to third-party cookies, remarketing campaigns may become less effective as you the advertiser will have a harder time tracking users’ behaviour and interests across different websites.

It is important to note that this change is still in progress and it is not yet clear how it will affect remarketing specifically. Google and other companies are developing new technologies and solutions to replace third-party cookies, and it is likely that remarketing will continue to evolve to adapt to these changes. Google has a lot to lose financially should remarketing be removed from its formidable suite of advertising products for small to medium businesses.

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