Put simply, Google remarketing is a form of digital advertising that allows businesses to retarget and display ads to specific users who have already visited their site. Not only is it a powerful, strategic, and extremely efficient way of increasing the leads and sales of your small business, but it is not an overly complicated concept to apply. We at Goop Digital are your local Google Ads and remarketing specialists in Geelong that can bring BACK customers to your website and significantly increase your bottom line.

Chances are that you have already seen Google remarketing in action. For example, how many times have you visited a website, added something to your cart, and abandoned before making the purchase, only to visit another website and see an ad for the exact product you were just browsing? This is the power of Google remarketing.

The whole technology is based around targeting those individuals that already know who you are, and attempting to convert them into customers by following their movement across the web – in a non-threatening and strategic way. Applying google remarketing to your website is done through a process of integrating a specialised code, also known as cookies, which record the behaviour of browsers.

The value of Google Remarketing

There is no doubt that Google Remarketing is highly effective, but what is the value that it can add to your small to medium business in Geelong? Some of the benefits of Google Remarketing include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to communicate a specific message to a specific audience
  • Relevance and effectiveness of your ads is increased
  • Improved conversion rates = more customers
  • Lower cost per click than Google ads
  • Specific site selection to display your ads
  • Broader reach to connect your business to more customers
  • Increased brand awareness and brand exposure
  • Higher return on investment
  • Ability to vary the types of your ads, make use of video, images, and text on multiple devices.

If you are looking for a way to ramp up your digital marketing strategy and secure your business qualified leads and sales, then contact us today on (03) 5222 4220. Our team of advertising experts can demonstrate why you need Google Remarketing in Geelong, and how to get ahead of competitors. We look forward to your call.

Google Remarketing Geelong - Goop Digital

Google Remarketing Geelong - Goop Digital

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