Voice, text, backlinks, pay per click, white hat, black hat… there’s plenty of speculation lately about search engine optimisation techniques and what works and what doesn’t. Ask around and you’ll get an absolute cluster of opinions and different answers.

If you have money to burn and don’t care about disappearing from Google’s rankings once your budget’s blown, then you can give pay-per-click SEO a shot. Or you can invest in a pile of backlinks and enjoy the short-term gain but suffer the long-term pain once Google realises what you’ve done and relegates your website to the back of the pack.

But if you ask the GOOP Digital SEO copywriting team in Geelong, they’ll tell you they have the fail-safe, long-term answer to SEO.

And what is it?

Words! But not just any words. Our SEO copywriting gurus will tell you the secret to long-lasting search engine optimisation is informative, well-written and engrossing words that tell the story about the service or product on offer.

Anybody who can peck away at a keyboard can punch out a few words and think that’s good enough. But good SEO copywriting is more than just thumping out random sentences that try to capitalise on this keyword or that keyword.

As our copywriters will tell you, treat Google as if it’s nothing more than a text-reading algorithm that can’t distinguish good text content from bad and you’ll suffer the consequences.

Good copywriters, particularly SEO copywriters like our Geelong wordsmiths, acknowledge that Google has some of the best brains on the planet behind it and that those brainiacs want Google to deliver the absolute best and most relevant results to online searchers.

And to deliver the best and most relevant results, Google is looking for premium text content produced by copywriters who have done their homework and presented quality information that answers questions.

Our Geelong SEO copywriting team is good – no doubt about it – and we’d argue they’re second to none when it comes to writing content for websites. But while they excel at website content, that doesn’t mean they have the monopoly on all SEO copywriting.

Just about anybody who can read and write can produce good original content for a website blog, as long as the writer is prepared to take his or her time, do the research and provide blog content that is fresh, accurate and full of new and relevant information. If you’re an expert at what is it you do, where you do it, then no doubt you have something new and unique to tell Google and the world through your website blog.

But most people can’t find the hours in a day to write blogs about their work and that’s where GOOP Digital’s Geelong SEO copywriters come to the fore and get to strut their stuff.

At GOOP Digital we know we’re good at what we do and we also know that despite all the talk about the best and worst SEO techniques, high-quality text content on website pages and blogs will win the day as the most affordable, effective and long-term search engine optimisation method.

And if you have any doubts, just ask our Geelong SEO copywriting team!

If you’d like to know more about copywriting or have other website questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with GOOP Digital. We’re here to help.

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