Managing your client or manager’s expectations when it comes to Geelong SEO, and boosting your website’s Google prominence, is crucial. A Geelong SEO expert will understand the myriad of layers and signals that influence the relevance and importance of a website in the Google algorithm. But, the challenge is relaying that understanding to clients and managers who are less familiar with the nuts and bolts of SEO.

Everyone with a small business should want to rank high for their key words in a Google search. But, people who are unfamiliar with SEO can become impatient with the process involved and expect magic to happen almost instantly. Unfortunately, this is very rarely the case. There are several overall ranking factors, or signals, which contribute to Geelong SEO and influence whether a website will rank higher than its competitors. They include, among others, on-page signals, link signals, external location signals and My Business signals – all of which take time to implement and establish as SEO ranking tools for a website.

There is no fast, one-trick method to boost a website in Google using SEO in Geelong. Every business is different, and no two cities or regions are the same. A Geelong mortgage broker’s website has vastly different needs to that of a Torquay cafe’s. Markets, demographics and target audiences differ from location-to-location and business-to-business. We need to remember that every business is trying to get to the top of Google’s and a lot of them will also be using Geelong SEO. Therefore, a business like a mortgage broker will face stiff competition.

If you’re trying to increase your site’s prominence, you need to be consistently working on your relevancy signals over a period of time in order for Google to rank the site higher. Google likes fresh content such as blog posts, images and videos, and it likes to see that your website has been active. If you’re website isn’t active, your competitors will jump ahead and push you down. If you’re website is at the top, then the others below are finding ways to dethrone you. It can appear as if it’s a never-ending Geelong SEO battle.

So getting ahead, and staying ahead, takes Geelong SEO expertise, patience in partnership, creativity and drive. Even if you’re at the top someone is always looking to knock you off, meaning the need for good SEO is every present. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen and you will need to do it again and again.. All the way along you will reap the benefits of a Google-prominent, responsive website and SEO-focused marketing tool. At GOOP Digital, it’s just what we do.


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