That’s easy for me to say because I live and breathe online marketing for small businesses. However most small businesses don’t have enough time in the day nor the inclination to invest time and effort into developing a strategical online marketing presence.

If you are a small business thinking of investing in an online marketing presence the basic ingredients are:

  • a very Google friendly small business website
  • a blog on your website
  • an eNewsletter
  • Facebook fan page
  • a business Twitter account
  • Foursquare (mainly relevant to businesses with a retail presence, particularly cafes, bars, coffee shops etc.)
  • Hootsuite or Ping account (read more on mashable).

From here it is quite simple.

Write a relevant blog about your products, services and locations, go to your Hootsuite or Ping account, give a mini spin and point people towards your website blog article.

This is a rather simplistic overview but powerful none the less. Repeat the process at a minimum monthly. The qualified traffic should flow through to your small business website.

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