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Are you checking your website’s Google Analytics data?

September 29 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

Throughout September we have been posting tips on our Facebook Page about how to use Google Analytics data to improve the performance of your website. Google Analytics is added to GOOP websites as standard practice and we encourage all our clients to check their website’s analytics and use the data to develop an online marketing…

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How to use Google Analytics data to improve the performance of your website

September 25 2014  |  Karl Morris

Make informed decisions about your business’s Internet marketing plans Everyday GOOPers get out of bed and bounce to work because we are passionate about small business Internet marketing. As small business web developers, making your phone ring with smart marketing strategies and proven keyword reporting is what we’re all about. The most important part of…

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Small business blogs

September 11 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

Who should write your business’s blog posts? Websites built by GOOP have a blogging function installed as standard practice. Why? Because blogging on your website is the most effective way to market your products and services online and boost your website’s organic – unpaid – visibility in Google’s search results. We believe once you have…

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Responsive web design for Ballarat businesses

September 11 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

Stems Flower Market in Ballarat features a responsive web design to ensure the website works on all devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop computers. Google Analytics reinforces the importance of a responsive design for this particular business with 51.36 of users viewing the website from mobile and tablet devices and just 48.65 from desktop computers (September 2014)….

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Responsive website design the clear choice for Geelong businesses

September 5 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

Tulip Restaurant in Geelong opted for a responsive website design. Google Analytics shows 39.05% of users are viewing the site from a mobile device, 19% from a tablet and less than half of all users view the site from a desktop computer – just 41.95% (data retrieved September 2014). So what is responsive website design and…

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Leading provider of websites in Horsham

September 5 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

Online marketing provides an opportunity for businesses operating in regional Victoria, and across the country, to break free from the constraints of traditional Yellow Pages advertising. The priority of any good online marketing strategy should be a website. A website is your asset and you own it, whereas you don’t own social media profiles –…

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Are you blogging on your small business website?

August 29 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

Blogging on your website is one of the most effective things you can do to market your small to medium-sized business online and increase your website’s visibility in Google’s search results. With that in mind… Are you blogging on your website? You must be doing it in order to gain the benefits! We add a…

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Tips for having a blog strategy

August 29 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

We believe there are five core components to any good online marketing strategy, in order of importance: Have a website that works – a website that works acts as a Google trap, driving traffic to your website. Your site should then encourage users to take your desired action. Desired actions could include picking up the…

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Geelong Small Business Festival 2014 – GOOP event

August 20 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

Online marketing: Too friggen’ hard? Here at GOOP we are great believers that online marketing doesn’t have to be “too friggen’ hard!” While we understand and acknowledge the time constraints small to medium-sized businesses face, we can’t stress the importance of having an online marketing strategy enough. When you run a business clients come first, but making…

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Why small businesses should use Google+

July 30 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

With 327 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as reported on December 18, 2013 by Business Insider Australia, Google+ is not quite the size of Facebook with its 1.15 billion MAUs. However, Facebook has been around more than a decade, while Google+ was launched just three years ago in 2011. While it currently sits behind Facebook, Google+…

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