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Geelong Small Business Festival 2014 – GOOP event

August 20 2014

Online marketing: Too friggen’ hard? Here at GOOP we are great believers that online marketing doesn’t have to be “too friggen’ hard!” While we understand and acknowledge the time constraints small to medium-sized businesses face, we can’t stress the importance of having an online marketing strategy enough. When you run a business clients come first, but making…

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Why small businesses should use Google+

July 30 2014

With 327 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs) as reported on December 18, 2013 by Business Insider Australia, Google+ is not quite the size of Facebook with its 1.15 billion MAUs. However, Facebook has been around more than a decade, while Google+ was launched just three years ago in 2011. While it currently sits behind Facebook, Google+…

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Geelong Small Business Excellence Awards

July 18 2014

GOOP and clients finalists in 13 out of 20 award categories GOOPers: Karl Morris, Amanda Ferry, Bruce Lawson and Courtney Buchanan It was fantastic to see so many wonderful small businesses being honoured for their efforts and achievements last night at the Geelong Small Business Excellence Awards, held at The Pier. The awards presentation started…

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How does Google rank its search results?

July 8 2014

Does your website show up on page one, or is it floating somewhere in the page-three plus wasteland of search results? If your business has a website, there’s little use in searching for your business name to gauge how your website is performing in terms of rankings. Searching for your business name in Google will…

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Facebook online marketing strategies for small businesses

June 25 2014

Do you have an online marketing strategy? Don’t get lost in the jungle, plan your Facebook posts! In 2012 it was announced Facebook was the world’s “third largest country” in terms of size, with one billion active users engaging with the social networking website. As of December 2013 Facebook was still the world’s most popular…

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Myth-busting evidence of online users

June 4 2014

If someone asked you right now which age group had the fastest percentage of growth for online spending during the 12 months to April 2014, which age bracket would you choose? 18 – 25 25 – 34 35 – 44 45 – 54 55 – 64 65+ Recent figures released by the National Australia Bank…

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Why small business websites need images

May 28 2014

What do your images say about your business? Picture this, (pun intended) you are at a point in your life when you can finally afford to build your dream home (see above…). You’ve worked hard to get to this point and you want your dream home to be architecturally designed, environmentally friendly, modern and functional….

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Geelong online marketing services

May 1 2014

Why all small businesses should have an online marketing strategy You’re a small business and things are kicking along nicely. You’ve got your logo, established branding, and you have a website. You may even have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or other social media platforms set up for your business. These are all tools to help…

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Why should I blog on my website?

April 10 2014

This is a question we are often asked. Many people think once their website is online, all they need to do is wait for customers to call, email, shop, enrol, etc. This is not the case – once you have a website up and running, this is actually when the fun (and work) begins! Neglecting…

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The GOOP team

March 25 2014

Each GOOP team member helps build a specific piece of the puzzle that makes up your website It takes a team of tradespeople to build a house. The process starts with an architect who plans and designs the layout of your house based on your needs. The architect will provide you with a detailed plan…

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