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Responsive websites featuring infinite looping videos

December 1 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

Responsive web design is now the standard. And while you would expect our website to be responsive (it is), it’s not just an industry standard for those providing web-based services. When you visit the website of a local restaurant, you expect to be able to view the menu on your phone. And if you’re already…

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What makes a good home page web design?

November 28 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

As web designers in Geelong, we focus on designs that help make your phone ring. It’s all part of our strategy to build you a website that works. That strategy begins with a number of things, including site planning and structure and quality SEO copywriting. Without SEO copy, your site won’t be found by new…

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Are you sending effective email marketing campaigns?

November 28 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

Email marketing is a powerful form of marketing, and in our opinion, is something all businesses can implement into their online marketing strategies. With wonderful online programs such as MailChimp, which allow you to send bulk email to your database of customers, it’s something which is easily accessible by small business owners. You don’t have…

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GOOP features in episode 4 of SME TV in Geelong

November 27 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

Talking all things online: the five core things you need to do for an effective online presence If you follow us on social media, chances are you’ve heard about SME TV. SME TV is hosted by The Web Celeb – Kylie Bartlett – and provides education and inspiration for small to medium-sized businesses about online…

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Tips for sending effective email marketing campaigns

November 27 2014  |  Amanda Ferry

Inform your customers, send eNewsletters! At GOOP, we believe there are five core components of any good online marketing strategy, and eNewsletters is one of them. As an online marketing authority in Geelong, we help our clients get their priorities right for an effective online presence. Priority one is to get your website working as…

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Content is king, Geelong

November 5 2014  |  Bruce Lawson

If you have no idea what we mean by “content” or “king” or why one is the other, we’re about to tell you. When we say “content” we are referring to text content written by you or an experienced online SEO copywriter to market your business’s products and services online. When we say “king” we mean…

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Are you using blog authorship?

October 27 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

Operations/Marketing Manager, Amanda Ferry’s Google+ profile with blog authorship contributor links This month on social media and the GOOP blog, we’ve been focusing on what blog authorship is and how it benefits your website. Blog authorship is a Google feature and is available to GOOP clients who have a Google+ profile and WordPress website. Recognising…

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How blog authorship benefits your website

October 27 2014  |  Karl Morris

If you don’t know what blog authorship is, let alone use it, you’re not alone! We have a handful of clients who are using blog authorship on their WordPress websites. The feature helps prolific small business bloggers take their blogging efforts to the next level by building valuable SEO back-links to their website. SEO means…

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Are you checking your website’s Google Analytics data?

September 29 2014  |  Courtney Buchanan

Throughout September we have been posting tips on our Facebook Page about how to use Google Analytics data to improve the performance of your website. Google Analytics is added to GOOP websites as standard practice and we encourage all our clients to check their website’s analytics and use the data to develop an online marketing…

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How to use Google Analytics data to improve the performance of your website

September 25 2014  |  Karl Morris

Make informed decisions about your business’s Internet marketing plans Everyday GOOPers get out of bed and bounce to work because we are passionate about small business Internet marketing. As small business web developers, making your phone ring with smart marketing strategies and proven keyword reporting is what we’re all about. The most important part of…

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