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Online marketing presentation in Hobart

March 26 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Karl loves websites. He loves talking about them and he especially loves informing small business owners about what makes a good one. Today Karl had the pleasure of presenting to financial planners and accountants from more than 20 businesses at the FYG Planners conference in Hobart, informing the attendees about what it takes, and how…

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We visited all our websites at once, in Brisbane

March 24 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening? This month GOOP’s owners Amanda and Karl, along with our senior web developer, visited all our websites in one place, at one time! All our websites live on dedicated servers in a state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane. The facility where our servers are housed is highly secure and constantly monitored. The photos don’t do…

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Four reasons why we love WordPress websites

March 24 2015  |  Karl Morris

We have clients all over the country. But our office in Geelong is where we keep up with the wonderful world of Google and websites. In the last two years we have moved exclusively to working with WordPress to build websites. And we must say, it has been a good move and today we’d like to…

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Faith in Google and websites from GOOP in Geelong

March 2 2015  |  Bruce Lawson

At GOOP our web developers’ goal is to get clients on the first page of Google for what it is they do, where they do it, and we have a saying which helps explain the importance of that front-page presence. It’s a joke but you’ll appreciate the sentiment: “Where do you hide a dead body?…

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Check your Google Analytics data, you need a responsive website now!

February 26 2015  |  Karl Morris

Responsive websites now the standard in Geelong and beyond This month, our online marketing topic has been centred on Google Analytics (let’s refer to it as GA from hereon in, OK?), how to navigate it and how to use the data to make informed decisions about your business’s online marketing plans. Adding GA to sites we build…

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We’re off to talk about websites in Tassie!

February 25 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening? We are off to Tassie! GOOP’s MD Karl Morris is presenting at the FYG Planners conference in Hobart, a conference for financial planners from around the country. Karl has been asked to talk about conversions, how to track them and how to generate them. Lead generation and tracking conversions is what we do…

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Web development Ballarat businesses can trust

February 13 2015  |  Karl Morris

How to know when to trust your local developer and when to look elsewhere We pride ourselves on being the web development company Ballarat businesses can trust to deliver websites that work, backed up with the support and online marketing services they need. Not only that, but being just one hour down the road, we…

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Web development presentation in Tasmania

February 13 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

FYG Planners Conference, Hobart Our Managing Director Karl Morris has been invited to speak at the FYG Planners Conference in Hobart, to inform financial planners and advisors from around the country about having an effective online presence. In March, Karl will be completing a presentation about web development in Tasmania, which will include information about having a…

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It’s time for an online review!

January 14 2015  |  Amanda Ferry

The New Year is here and no matter how you brought in 2015, if you’re a small business owner what matters is how you bring your business into the New Year. The best way to determine a course of action is to complete an online marketing review – sounds daunting but it’s quite simple. We’ve…

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Your web developer is visiting you in Perth!

January 14 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening? As always, there’s plenty happening at GOOP. Next month the big bosses Karl and Amanda are flying over to Perth to catch up with our clients over there about their websites and online marketing plans. We’ve recently had a couple more sites go live for Perth-based businesses and part of our web development…

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