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The benefits of working with web designers in Geelong

November 27 2015  |  Steph Conte

Too much of a good thing often results in bad consequences – a common example that springs to mind is the zombie-like food coma state one enters after consuming too much of their favourite food – and favourite drink for that matter! The same thing happens with choice. When we’re presented with too many options, we almost…

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Web design is not the same as development, here’s why you should care

November 19 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Geelong businesses take note! Problem: Your website looks slick but lacks substance, i.e. doesn’t function how you’d hoped and isn’t Google friendly. We’re going to be super assumption-y and assume your website was built by a web designer. Because websites that look amazing but don’t work, have usually been built by a single entity web…

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Holiday marketing 101 and password security safeguards

November 18 2015  |  Steph Conte

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is once again just around the corner! This year seems to be flying for us here at GOOP, and the next month will be no exception. Most businesses, and people, will no doubt be looking forward to some much-deserved downtime over the holidays. However – it’s super important to…

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Online marketing tips for small businesses this festive season

November 17 2015  |  Steph Conte

GOOP’s holiday marketing 101 With Halloween now behind us, everyone is looking ahead to Christmas. While it might seem that Christmas is primarily a holiday for retailers, there’s lots your business, no matter how small or large, can do to maximise engagement and even promote business over the holiday period. It’s important not to neglect…

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Why we’re the web developers Geelong and rest of country turn to

November 12 2015  |  Bruce Lawson

WordPress, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways?* There are good reasons web developers such as GOOP in Geelong use WordPress as the content management system for websites. “Really?” I hear you say. What are those reasons,” you ask? “There’s a pile of other content management systems out there and I don’t…

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Hide a dead body on page 2 of Google

November 5 2015  |  Karl Morris

“The best place to hide a dead body on page 2 of Google” is one of the great sayings in Search Engine Optimisation. Barry Popik attributes this to a Twitter account belonging to @LeonardOlaotan back on the 2nd of December 2011. My favourite meme here has to go to Chad Pollitt in The Huffington Post with…

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Pivot Summit 2015 and why words matter to Google

October 30 2015  |  Steph Conte

There’s a reason Google is called a ‘search engine’ – people are generally there for a purpose. Think about your own habits. Usually, you hit up Google when you want to find out information about something. Information means words, whether a definition for something or a summary of a recent news item. Google’s mission is to…

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Websites need words to rank in Google

October 30 2015  |  Steph Conte

We’ve all heard the old proverb that ‘actions speak louder than words’… but how do you prompt an action in the first place? More often than not, words are the greatest tool to inspire action, and this is proven in website rankings. Many industry experts suggest Google uses a combination of factors to determine when and where to…

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Google mayhem and GOOP’s latest website designs

October 1 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

In the last 24 hours Google has rolled out some pretty major changes to its Google My Business platform. Google My Business is what many people commonly refer to as ‘Google Maps’ or just ‘Google+’. One of the most imperative things for you to check in your Google My Business account is the accuracy of…

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e-Commerce trends and advice from Australia Post

September 3 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

e-Commerce is a growing trend as more people enjoy the convenience of online shopping, which can save consumers time and money. Today we listened to a presentation by the General Manager of Global e-Commerce – Platform and Sales at Australia Post, Ben Franzi. The presentation was centred on e-Commerce trends and was organised as one…

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