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GOOP master classes, Google My Business clean out and a server upgrade

July 24 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening? Google has plotted its next update and it’s rolling out Tuesday. Get the details about how to get your business on Google, and keep it there. We are planning master classes for GOOP clients, to cover a variety of topics we most commonly get asked about. We’d love your input about master class…

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Get your business on Google, and keep it there

July 24 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Google has officially flagged an update to occur on Tuesday, July 28. The update is aimed at tidying up Google My Business listings – commonly referred to as ‘Google maps’. Google Trusted Photographer and Better Clicks business owner Dave Whiteside alerted Geelong businesses to significant details about the Google My Business update which was originally flagged for August….

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PayPal: a safe online payment gateway for business

July 18 2015  |  Amanda Ferry

We recommend PayPal as the payment gateway of choice for ecommerce sites. However, some businesses we work with are concerned customers might be inconvenienced during the checkout process if they don’t already have a PayPal account, and abandon their purchase. In fact, PayPal is an easy and safe online payment gateway for businesses and their customers….

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Simple tips on web design Geelong businesses need

July 17 2015  |  Steph Conte

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. And if you’re thinking you’ve landed on the wrong site, bear with me. We’re not talking about equestrian care – we’re talking about web design. Search engine results are like a highway bypass – you don’t want your site to be the one bypassed…

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The SEO Geelong businesses seek shouldn’t be an afterthought

July 17 2015  |  Bruce Lawson

We’ve been reading a lot online lately about Geelong businesspeople seeking the addition of search engine optimisation – SEO – for their websites to lift their sites’ prominence in Google. Business owners are absolutely on the money seeking search optimised websites – it’s the number one way to gain prominence in Google for what it…

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How much should my small business pay for SEO services?

July 10 2015  |  Karl Morris

The Age asks ‘How does your business Google?’ In an article for The Age on July 9, writer Sylvia Pennington asks ‘how does your business Google?’ We urge you to type in what you do, followed by where you do it, and see where, or if, your business comes up in Google’s search results list….

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Google updates, artwork and an office warming

June 30 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening An important Google update is coming Google is gearing up to mess with all of us in August. Unverified and inactive Google My Business listings (commonly referred to as Google maps) will be removed from Google altogether in a bid to tidy up duplicate and out-of-date listings. We have already started helping clients…

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SEO copywriting service in Geelong

June 30 2015  |  Amanda Ferry

Blog content: something is NOT better than nothing. This month we’ve been talking about blog content – who should write the blog posts on your small business website? And is your current blog content a waste of time? And if you’re not blogging on your website, you should be. It’s simply not enough to have…

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Responsive web development Geelong businesses rely on

June 18 2015  |  Steph Conte

Good web development is the foundation of any online presence. It’s your face when you wake up in the morning, before you pretty it up with makeup (or a shave for the men). No matter how many features it has – no one is getting anywhere without building a website properly and making sure it works…

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WordPress WordCamp in Brisbane

June 1 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Our senior WordPress web developer was in Brisbane over the weekend, attending sessions at Brisbane’s WordCamp. WordCamp is a not-for-profit event run by volunteers who are passionate about all things related to WordPress website development. From sessions on SEO and design, to plugins and audience behaviour… a wide and wonderful variety of topics were on…

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