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Google mayhem and GOOP’s latest website designs

October 1 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

In the last 24 hours Google has rolled out some pretty major changes to its Google My Business platform. Google My Business is what many people commonly refer to as ‘Google Maps’ or just ‘Google+’. One of the most imperative things for you to check in your Google My Business account is the accuracy of…

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e-Commerce trends and advice from Australia Post

September 3 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

e-Commerce is a growing trend as more people enjoy the convenience of online shopping, which can save consumers time and money. Today we listened to a presentation by the General Manager of Global e-Commerce – Platform and Sales at Australia Post, Ben Franzi. The presentation was centred on e-Commerce trends and was organised as one…

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GOOP clients soar in rankings as we continue to upgrade sites to responsive

September 1 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Our clients’ websites continue to soar in Google rankings, attracting more traffic and leads than ever. As your web developers in Geelong, we optimise sites with the most relevant and highly searched key words and phrases, so you can be assured your website’s leads are qualified, helping drive business and increase awareness of your brand. We’re proud…

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Pay attention to online marketing

August 26 2015  |  Amanda Ferry

Are you neglecting your online audience? Then you are neglecting business! You cannot – I repeat – you can NOT – have a static website anymore. You cannot ignore social media. You cannot ignore Google. You cannot ignore how it should all work harmoniously to sing a cohesive message to your audience. If you are…

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Kylie Sargent mobile visits 90% higher with responsive upgrade

August 5 2015  |  Steph Conte

At GOOP, we’re not the hit-it-and-quit-it type – we’re committed to forging strong, ongoing relationships with our clients. Part of that service is working with our existing clients to upgrade their original websites to incorporate responsive design. These days, if you want to rank in Google you need to prove you’re dedicated to providing the…

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Effective blogging generates leads online for Call Assist

August 5 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Call Assist ranking on Google at 85% for desktop searches and 86% for mobile searches. At GOOP we promise your new website with us will rank on Google for keywords relating to what you do, where you do it. It’s core to what we do. You must be visible in Google’s search results for what…

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e-Commerce needs SEO to generate sales online

August 5 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

You’ll often hear our Managing Director Karl Morris say “the old adage states build it and they will come – but it’s not the case with websites”. For websites to work they require strategic planning, a team of experts to build them and then ongoing monitoring and management to ensure effectiveness. It’s no different for e-Commerce…

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SEO services Geelong small businesses trust

August 5 2015  |  Karl Morris

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as ‘SEO’, is the art of having your website ranking highly in Google’s search results list. In other words – ‘having your website appear on page one of Google rank results’. As we often say at GOOP, if you want to hide a dead body, simply put it on page…

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Absolute Crane Solutions organic search traffic up 300%

July 27 2015  |  Steph Conte

At GOOP, delivering high-performing, sleek websites that rank well in Google is our pride and joy. It’s our pleasure to share our clients’ success stories with you. Absolute Crane Solutions’ owner Luke Pasierbek came to GOOP to upgrade his existing website for a professional, well-structured website to: increase his prominence in Google rankings for keywords such as ‘crane…

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GOOP master classes, Google My Business clean out and a server upgrade

July 24 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening? Google has plotted its next update and it’s rolling out Tuesday. Get the details about how to get your business on Google, and keep it there. We are planning master classes for GOOP clients, to cover a variety of topics we most commonly get asked about. We’d love your input about master class…

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