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Mark Latham unleashes on small business – Channel 7 Sunrise budget review

May 15 2015  |  Karl Morris

“The truth in Australia today is, if you can’t set up a small business and make a dollar, there is something wrong with you…” Mark Latham recently stated in a live-to-air broadcast whilst talking with David Koch and Jeff Kennett on Channel 7’s Sunrise program in relation to the 2015 federal budget. He then went…

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Reviews a ranking factor for restaurants and accommodation

May 15 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Things are never dull in the GOOP office. Just running a keyword rank report for a client – a routine activity – and what do we discover? A new way of ranking restaurants and accommodation in Google’s search results. And the change appears to be on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, which makes sense in…

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GOOP attends Internet marketing seminar in Melbourne

May 7 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

With keynote speaker Wes Finley, Coca-Cola’s Global Digital Operations Lead and Social Connections expert. As an Internet marketing specialist in Geelong, we keep up with what’s happening in the world of online. We follow social media trends, new platforms, strategies and techniques to boost engagement with your audience. This morning we attended a Melbourne breakfast which…

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Responsive websites meet Google’s April 21 deadline

May 1 2015  |  Amanda Ferry

In case you missed it, Google made a major change to its mobile search results on April 21. It was no secret, with Google openly advising of the change in the months prior to allow business owners time to get their website up to standard by making it responsive. The change was also widely publicised…

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Warrnambool websites and trips to Timboon

May 1 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening? As a regional provider of websites, we pride ourselves on our ability to jump in the car, hit the road and meet with new and existing clients. Karl and Courtney recently visited Warrnambool on a sunny autumn day for a couple of meetings discussing websites and online marketing. Next week we’re off to…

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Online marketing presentation in Hobart

March 26 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

Karl loves websites. He loves talking about them and he especially loves informing small business owners about what makes a good one. Today Karl had the pleasure of presenting to financial planners and accountants from more than 20 businesses at the FYG Planners conference in Hobart, informing the attendees about what it takes, and how…

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We visited all our websites at once, in Brisbane

March 24 2015  |  Courtney Buchanan

What’s happening? This month GOOP’s owners Amanda and Karl, along with our senior web developer, visited all our websites in one place, at one time! All our websites live on dedicated servers in a state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane. The facility where our servers are housed is highly secure and constantly monitored. The photos don’t do…

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Four reasons why we love WordPress websites

March 24 2015  |  Karl Morris

We have clients all over the country. But our office in Geelong is where we keep up with the wonderful world of Google and websites. In the last two years we have moved exclusively to working with WordPress to build websites. And we must say, it has been a good move and today we’d like to…

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Faith in Google and websites from GOOP in Geelong

March 2 2015  |  Bruce Lawson

At GOOP our web developers’ goal is to get clients on the first page of Google for what it is they do, where they do it, and we have a saying which helps explain the importance of that front-page presence. It’s a joke but you’ll appreciate the sentiment: “Where do you hide a dead body?…

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Check your Google Analytics data, you need a responsive website now!

February 26 2015  |  Karl Morris

Responsive websites now the standard in Geelong and beyond This month, our online marketing topic has been centred on Google Analytics (let’s refer to it as GA from hereon in, OK?), how to navigate it and how to use the data to make informed decisions about your business’s online marketing plans. Adding GA to sites we build…

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