• Challenge

    Danly Construction and Landscaping Supplies are specialist suppliers of materials to construction, industry and landscaping projects. Danly engaged GOOP Digital to develop an SEO website for them that would rank well in Google and would be easy for them to update.

  • Approach

    The GOOP Digital team designed and developed a website with on page and back-end SEO tactics, which is responsible on mobile and incorporated a moving banner on the homepage. The content and navigation was set up in a way which is intuitive and easy to update.

  • Outcome

    Within 3 weeks of being live, the website was achieving 84% visibility on Google. Of their 117 keywords, 98 are in the top 10 and 37 are at position one in Google. The video banner gives the website a fresh and dynamic look.

"Thanks very much to you and your team for all the hard work in getting this website live. Your technical knowledge and communication were impressive and made the process very easy and stress free."

DanlyJosh Finch

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