At GOOP Digital, we don’t make empty promises. We’re all about transparency and honesty.

That’s why we use data to show you how your website is performing. The data we use is from organic search, meaning search results that aren’t paid for or have the “sponsored” label. This highlights the true value and effectiveness of your website’s organic reach on Google Search.

We send our clients an annual SEO keyword report. Our content marketing clients receive one quarterly. Our SEO keyword reports show you how well your website ranks for your specific keywords, in the area in which you provide your service or product. Furthermore, we include a summary of website traffic along with insights and suggestions for improvement.

The different parts of the keyword SEO report

1 – Google visibility percentage

We use a point-based system to determine the visibility of your website in search results. Simply put, the higher your points, the better your visibility. In this block, you will also see how many keywords are in the report and the date of the report.

Please read our blog explaining how we calculate your visibility score.

2 – Visibility: progress graph

This is what we arguably consider to be the most important part of the report. This is an overview of the performance of your website over a period of time.

While fluctuations are natural, the overall trend should be upward with our SEO strategies in Geelong. At GOOP Digital, we’re committed to playing the long game understanding that SEO services and strategies are a marathon, not a sprint!

3 – Keyword ranking: summary

This block shows you a brief overview of the rankings of your keywords. It will show you how many of your keywords are in position 1, how many are in the top 10, in the top 100 and not in the top 100.

4 – Keywords moved up/down

This compares how many of your keywords have moved up or down in ranking compared to the last report.

5 – Keyword rankings

Keyword Rankings are the positions websites hold on Google’s search results page. The ranking of your keywords is determined by Google’s algorithm.

Rank: is where a website appears on Google when someone searches for a specific word or phrase. For instance, a rank of 1 means it’s the first result.
Previous rank: this is the position a website held in the previous report.
Rank difference: shows any change in a website’s position on Google. For example, if a webpage moves from the 10th position to the 5th position the rank difference is +5.

Symbols you might see

Crown: The crown symbol typically symbolises a featured snippet result in Google. This signifies the absolute top organic position 0 on Google. This is due to having high relevance and quality content on your website. Featured snippets generally have a 30% higher click through rate.
Pin/location: indicates that a website is appearing in the Google Maps 3-pack result. This is a super result and highly sought after. The number on the left indicates the rank or position the website is appearing on Google and the number in brackets with the location icon indicates the position in the Google Maps 3-pack. This basically means your website is appearing twice on Google.
Image: refers to the presence of a thumbnail image next to a website listing on Google. The thumbnail result indicates that the webpage has been identified by Google as containing rich content like images or videos which can be featured on Google.

The GOOP difference

Too often we have heard clients tell us about how they were promised the world, only to end up with an underperforming website. We know how hard it is to build up a business. We also know that an optimised website is essential for your business to grow in the ever-changing digital landscape. Robust SEO is vital for ensuring your business appears on Google, putting you in front of potential customers actively searching for your products or services.

If you are concerned about your website’s performance, we can help you. We can do an SEO audit on your website to see exactly how your website is performing on Google. From there, our SEO experts can put together a strategy for you. We are here to help you and your website to reach new Google heights! Reach out to us today to learn more about our SEO services.

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