What is GOOP’s visibility scoring system?

GOOP Digital uses a point-based system to determine the visibility of your website in search results. Simply put, the higher your points, the better your visibility.

For example, if you’re in position one on Google, you score 30 points for that keyword. Position two gets 29 points, and so on, until you reach position 30.

How we calculate your visibility score

Calculating your visibility score isn’t as complicated as it may sound. First, we add up the points for each keyword that brings traffic to your site.

Then, to get the percentage score, divide this total by the maximum score you could have earned.

Here’s the formula…

Total keyword/points (total number of keywords x 30) = Visibility score %

Example calculation

Let’s say you have 20 keywords, all in position 10 on Google. In this case, each keyword would have 21 points. (Remember: position one scores 30 points, position two scores 29 points, position three scores 28 points and so on.)

So, 20 keywords x 21 points each equals 420 points.

The maximum possible score is 600 (20 keywords x 30 points). Divide 420 by 600, and you get a visibility score of 70%.

Why is this score important for local businesses

The visibility score is especially crucial for local businesses. A high visibility score means your website appears prominently in Google search results. This usually means your website is more likely to be clicked when users search for your products or services where you do them. And let’s face it, how often do you click on Google’s second or third page? Probably never, right?

Ranking well in Google searches may seem like a daunting task, but we’ve got that covered. We have a proven track record with 90% of clients on the Google homepage for their main keywords and 97% of clients get the majority of their website traffic from Google search.

We don’t just develop your search engine-optimised website and leave it. We review every one of our websites annually and give recommendations on increasing Google rankings and, as a result, traffic to your website. We also offer a content marketing service to those who want to rank optimally.

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