In today’s digital age, small and medium businesses must establish a robust online presence to reach their target audience effectively. While traditional SEO techniques are crucial, Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has gained prominence, especially for businesses targeting a local customer base in Australia. Australia is a big place with a small population base relative to the global population. The tyranny of distance with local communities pocked sparsely across the continent means that when businesses want a website with SEO, they are really after a website with local SEO. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of local search and highlight four key strategies to enhance your visibility locally. If you are a local community sporting group/club or a chamber of commerce, you will find the section on local hyperlink valuations of great interest.

1. Social media links: a strong connection

Social media platforms have become integral to our daily lives, and leveraging their potential is essential for most businesses. Whilst most people think about social media posting and the power of targeted digital advertising, the hidden gem is the link (backlink) to your business website from your social media business page.

All local businesses should have the following:

  • A LinkedIn business page with a link back to your website
  • A Facebook business page with a link back to your website

Even if your business pages remain dormant, the value of these links in boosting your business’s local SEO efforts outweighs an inactive business page.

2. Tap into Australia’s local directories

Local directories in Australia play a vital role in influencing local search rankings. They play two key roles in local SEO.

Local directories assist in verifying your NAP for Google. Name, Address, Phone number. NAP. By cross-referencing local directories, Google can verify the data about your business. This, in turn, assists your local SEO if all of this data is consistent. (have you changed your business address? Are all local directories up to date?)
Local directories link back to your website.

The links from multiple local directories back to your website are invaluable. Is your domain name correct, and are they up to date? Do not underestimate how valuable they can be.
Some of the local directories we recommend are:

  • Applemaps
  • Product review (
  • True Local
  • Start local
  • Local Search
  • Yelp
  • Aussieweb
  • Local Business Guide

3. Benefit from external articles. Linking back to your website

In addition to optimising your website, it is essential to have other reputable websites linking back to your site. Of the four opportunities discussed in this article, this may take the most effort but can be well worth it. These backlinks act as a vote of confidence to search engines, indicating that your business is trustworthy and relevant. Writing guest articles for industry-specific websites or collaborating with local bloggers can help you secure valuable backlinks.

Very few small businesses will have the confidence to reach out and offer to provide articles, but if you are a member of a local chamber of commerce or a sporting club, you can ask them. A great example is my blog for the Geelong Chamber of Commerce.(please note, in hindsight, I would also include in this article a fourth pillar. Having, at a minimum, a primary managed IT facility in place. Emails, backups and cyber security).

4. The super power of hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are like magical super juice for local search optimisation.

When other local (trustworthy and authoritative) entities link back to your website, search engines recognise your business (website) as significant and relevant within the local community. By engaging with local sporting clubs, chambers of commerce, and business groups, you build valuable relationships and opportunities to earn powerful hyperlinks. When acquired from authoritative and reputable local sources, these hyperlinks can significantly boost your local search rankings and generate organic traffic to your website. Some great examples of community-based organisations with outbound links to local businesses in my hometown of Geelong are:

Understanding the dollar value of local organisation links to your website

Finally, it’s worth noting that placing a monetary value on hyperlinks is difficult. This estimate may fluctuate based on various factors. Still, at the end of the day, if your small business website receives a significant boost in search results in Google from local hyperlinks, you are winning. If this boost in Google rankings results in calls/online requests and these leads convert to business, then the links are valuable. Local hyperlinks are part of a rather complex art form /science of Local SEO. You need to know how your business ranks in Google for what you do and where you do it (not a search for your business name). Small to medium businesses should track their keywords and have access to Google Analytics (GA4).

Many local organisations include a link to your website as part of a total membership/sponsorship package (purchasing links purely for SEO can violate Google’s guidelines). these links are typically added almost as a throwaway line item or used to bolster the sponsorship package’s value without giving due credence. I would hazard a guess that (in my humble opinion) that the net tangible value of a link from an authoritative local body would be worth in the vicinity of $20 per to $50 per month ($240 to $600 per annum).



In conclusion, local search optimisation is pivotal for small and medium businesses in Australia. By focusing on social media links, local directories, external articles with links and local hyperlinks, you can enhance your visibility in local search results, attracting potential customers actively seeking your services within their community. Embrace the power of local search, and watch your business flourish in the digital landscape of Australia.

Actionable activities for small business owners

  1. Set up business pages for your business on Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms and ensure you add your website link.
  2. Are your NAP and website links consistent across local directories, and do they directly match your Google Business Profile and details as listed on your website? (Have you changed address lately). Possibly worthwhile contacting a digital agency for assistance here.
  3. Do you have any apparent opportunities to write content/blogs from local organisations you are associated with? Do you sponsor a local sporting club? Are you a member of your local chamber of commerce?
  4. Ensure you have links from any local organisations you are associated with. If not, ask for them. Especially any local sporting clubs that your business is affiliated/associated with. They regularly provide a logo on their websites but neglect to link this to your website.

Additional relevant information

Karl Morris, the author of this blog, is the Managing Director and owner of GOOP Digital. One of Australia’s leading regional digital agencies renowned for local SEO. GOOP Digital is a member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, and Karl is a board member. Both Geelong United Basketball and the Bell Park Sports clubs referenced in this blog are clients of GOOP Digital.

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