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Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is a revolutionary advertising platform unlike any advertising format previously available to businesses. As a business, you can promote your products and services on Google Search, YouTube and other websites across the world wide web with Google Ads and Google remarketing.

Do you need an agency specialising in Google Ads to look after and run your Google Ads campaign?
As an agency owner based in Geelong, I am going to say overwhelmingly “yes”. And I don’t just say this for the sake of it or because I have a vested interest to do so. Google Ads is a beast and has no middle ground. It will either chew through your cash or deliver you money, i.e. sales. Google Ads is not as simple as it would appear to be, and Google must love those that dive in on their own, all energetic and going in gung-ho.

First-time ‘newbies’ will often go into Google Ads, use their free $100 Google Ads voucher (Google uses these vouchers as a hook to get you in), do a basic Google Ads set up on their own and then pay Google money every month. Very little monitoring or understanding of what is happening and no real working the Google Ads campaigns to get some “bang for your buck”.

Can I do Google Ads on my own?
Of course, you can, and many small businesses do; however, my advice to you is don’t. What does your business do? If you are a plumber, do you get paid for doing Google Ads or plumbing? To do Google Ads properly needs continuous ongoing work and is not a simple set and forget exercise unless you are happy to throw your money at Google. (Something Google is happy for you to do and a lot of people do, Google Generated over $US181 billion dollars in revenue in 2020)

What makes Google Ads so unique is that all of your results are 100% measurable. It can become evident relatively quickly that it is working or not. By figuring out your conversion cost, it is possible to calculate your cost per acquisition (of a new client) or the direct cost of a sale. If you know your costs or how much you are prepared to spend per lead, conversion, or acquisition, it is possible.

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