When it comes to digital marketing in Geelong, we are the experts. However, to remain an expert in this industry, we must be constantly learning and keep our finger on the beating pulse of the marketing world. As we step into the new year, it is time to review our knowledge and make predictions on what new trends will arise. So, what do we predict 2021 will bring to digital marketing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

As we progress and become more and more digitally connected, the thought of robots controlling the world is slowly turning into less of a funny joke and more of a scary reality…

In terms of digital marketing, this can be seen in chatbots, where you are able to talk to businesses and organisations and get an instant reply. You can ask questions and get the answer within seconds, without ever even speaking to a human being. Chatbots are a powerful customer service tool and we predict that they will grow in popularity exponentially in 2021.

As humans, we are time poor and will do anything to save time and get a quick fix. We like short videos, fast replies, immediate results and instant gratification. Waiting is not a concept in the digital world, everything is at our fingertips, and as things advance, so too will the need for marketing to adapt to the need for lighting speed attention.

The personalisation of the customer experience

When it comes to the journey of the customer in 2021, we are predicting a significant increase in the demand for personalised marketing and customer service. This means that to convert customers into sales, brands must develop and nurture relationships with customers and take them on a positive journey from first exposure to final sale.

This will be expectedly achieved through personalised emails, social media and consumer-focused websites.

We also forecast that consumers will also be relying heavily on the reviews and testimonials of others’ customer journeys prior to trusting the brand and beginning their own journey. So, get ahead of the game and ask your customers to leave you reviews on your Google My Business listing today!

The modern ‘event’

Due to the COVID outbreak, most events around the world were forced to adapt and turn to live-streaming. We predict that this way of hosting a wide range of events from conferences and concerts to meetings and festivals will only grow in 2021.

Not only is the ‘virtual’ event a necessary safety precaution against the pandemic but it also significantly benefits return on investment (ROI) and opens the event up to a much wider audience than ever before. The modern event is highly accessible and allows attendees to avoid visa and travel restrictions.

What do you predict will come in 2021? Let us know!

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