Firstly, what is remarketing? Remarketing describes the process of targeting ads to users who have had some previous online interaction with your brand.

Remarketing is commonly used by businesses to target website visitors who have not converted during their first visit, this can be done through social media, email, Google Ads and a variety of other channels.

We’ve probably all been in the position where we have visited a website and for weeks after their ads start appearing in all sort of places, from your Facebook feed to other websites – this is remarketing.

Without remarketing you’re letting customers slip through the cracks

Remarketing is a highly effective online marketing strategy that businesses are finally waking up to the power of.

You may have heard digital marketers exclaim that effective marketing and sales techniques always take into account the ‘customer journey’, while this term sounds rather airy-fairy, it simply means that your customers go through a variety of stages before (hopefully) converting into a paying customer.

While the customer or buyer’s journey varies from industry to industry, depending on the product, price point and audience, essentially most of your customers will go through the following:

  • Awareness – the first time a customer stumbles upon your business’s website, social media page, billboard, Facebook ad etc. Think of this as your  first date, on the rare occasion you’re exactly what they’re looking for; the perfect match, they don’t need to see anyone else and they convert right then and there, maybe they even delete their Tinder app.
    But if you think this is the norm then you’re mistaken. The vast majority of industries have an average website conversion rate of well under 5%.
  • Consideration – this is where your potential customer will size you up against you competitors to see who is most worthy of their cash. This is where your online reputation and things like Google reviews are so important.
  • Purchase – pretty self explanatory, they choose the winner and part with their hard earned.
  • Retention – if a customer is satisfied with your product or service and you take care of them, you’ve got a customer for years to come.
  • Advocacy – the best brands have customers who rave about them to their friends. This is the all important ‘word of mouth’ stage that has been amplified by social media channels.

So once you consider all the different stages a customer goes through before committing to you, your number one question should be:

“how do I take them from the awareness stage to becoming a lifelong customer, and ultimately, hopefully, shouting my name from the rooftops?” 

This is where remarketing comes in.

Spend less on campaigns & get more conversions

When done properly (using the right channels and targeting methods), remarketing allows you to create effective campaigns that convert website visitors into paying customers, with less spend than targeting cold traffic (those that have never heard of you).

Remarketing is akin to fishing in a Trout Farm, as opposed to the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no bait.

Want to find out more? Contact the Geelong-based remarketing gurus at Goop Digital, we can create highly targeted campaigns that get you more for less.

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