“What about Bing?” It’s a query our Geelong Search Engine Optimisation team occasionally encounters when outlining Goop Digital’s Google SEO services.

“Why doesn’t Goop Digital commit to making websites prominent in Bing searches as well as Google?”

It’s a fair question. Bing, after all, is the second-largest search engine on the planet and owned by one of the world’s most recognised companies – Microsoft.

As well, the search engine is now the default setting of browsers in Microsoft computers and there are hundreds of millions of people using the Windows 10 operating system.

So, yeah, what about Bing? Why does Goop Digital focus on Google and not Bing as well?

Simply, because although Bing might be number two in the global search engine stakes, the difference between the top spot and second place is vast. We mean really vast. Speck in the distance immense!

Since its beginnings in a California garage in 1998, the Google juggernaut has steamrolled through the 21st century to become an integral part of our everyday lives. From a simple company created by a couple of nerdy mates, Google is now a trademark, a noun, a verb, a guide, a shop, a home assistant. Hey, Google, what don’t you do?

Our Geelong SEO team wants you playing on the MCG

There are various figures and statistics of the search breakdown but research by StatCounter suggests Google has more than 93 percent of Australia’s search market, and Bing only a whisker more than five percent. The difference is like comparing the average suburban back yard with the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

And using that comparison, ask yourself where you’d like to be competing – the MCG or Mum’s back yard?

The answer is pretty obvious, as is the reason Goop Digital’s Geelong SEO team puts all its effort into making clients’ websites prominent in Google.

We want your business to be in the thick of the action, where the majority of people are searching for what you do, where you do it.

We want your business seen by an MCG-size crowd, not by the equivalent of a few neighbours peering over the back fence.

Bing is an okay search engine and some people – obviously a minority – enjoy the search returns its algorithms generate.

But Google, with its high-powered speed-focused algorithms, is an amazing search engine – at least that’s what the masses obviously believe – and any business which wants to be centre stage in front of the big crowds needs prominence in Google searches.

The work required to make websites stand out in Google or Bing involves similar processes but, just like PCs and Apple computers do much the same thing but aren’t all that compatible, the organic SEO requirements of the two search engines don’t quite meld.

At Goop Digital we put our efforts into delivering maximum return for clients’ investment, and the statistics confirm by far the best return for websites is prominence in Google searches, not Bing.

If you want your business on the big stage, please contact the Geelong Google SEO gurus at Goop Digital. You don’t need a lightbulb moment and accompanying “bing” sound to realise Google and Goop Digital are the right choice.

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