Ballarat business owners pay attention! We’ve got a marketing proposal you might be – should be – interested in. It’s a proposal to put your business ahead of your competitors and to get your name in front of potential clients who are actively searching for your goods and services – potential customers who want what you’re offering. It’s a proposal to be part of the most lucrative and cost-effective advertising method in history. Best of all, it’s a proposal for a marketing method that doesn’t cost until clients have made a commitment to investigate what you’re selling. It’s a proposal for Google Ads for Ballarat businesses.

“Hang on”, we can hear you saying.” Google Ads! Isn’t that AdWords? We’ve tried AdWords and it was a waste of time and money.”

Yes, Google Ads is the new name of AdWords – the name changed in July. And if you’ve tried Google Ads or AdWords for your Ballarat business and had no success, then, as so often is the case with online marketing, you’ve been doing it wrong. If you’d done it right you’d be singing Google Ads’ praises and harvesting the rewards that come from a successful online marketing campaign.

Now don’t get indignant or agitated just because we’ve suggested you’ve probably taken a wrong turn in your online advertising approach. It’s not a criticism, it’s just an observation and a confirmation that online marketing, while exceptionally effective when done right, can also be exceptionally difficult to master. In other words, it’s easy to get wrong.

Do you live and breathe online marketing?

Consider this: No doubt you’re good – in fact probably very good – at running your business because nobody knows your business like you and nobody is as dedicated to it as you. You live your business, you breathe your business. But what about online marketing? Do you live it and breathe it as well? Do you spend hours upon hours every week researching and studying online marketing? Do you sit through a seemingly endless string of tests and accreditations so you have the knowledge and credentials to get maximum returns from your online advertising? Do you have staff members whose job is dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments and liaising with Google? Do you have Google Partner credentials? Of course you don’t, because online marketing and pay per click advertising isn’t your business. But it is our business!

At Goop Digital we are an accredited Google Partner and have a dozen employees whose sole focus is online marketing that delivers results. We build websites that perform outstandingly in Google’s organic search results and we create and coordinate outstanding online advertising campaigns that deliver return on investment.

Google Ads and Ballarat business success go hand in hand. Done right, Google Ads presents your business to people who are actively searching online for the goods and services you provide. That means your ad is in front of people who want what you’re offering, and they want it now. And, as we wrote earlier, you don’t pay for that ad unless people commit to investigating what you’re offering. You pay when they click on your ad, and by the time they click they’re well on the way to working with you.

Beautiful Ballarat is a bustling city of more than 100,000 people and more than 12,000 businesses. With that many businesses vying for a share of the pie, any opportunity to stand out from the crowd is an advantage. At Goop Digital, we’re not talking about just standing out from the crowd, we want your business to lead the crowd, and with more than a decade’s experience in online marketing we know how to get you to the front of the pack.

If you’re a business owner who wants more work, then contact Goop Digital and find out how Google Ads can deliver you a bigger slice of the Ballarat pie without costing a fortune. Our results speak for themselves.

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