With the demise of Yellow Pages globally, where do people find trades and services these days? It’s no secret that if you are reading this now your answer would probably be ‘Google’. Be it on a computer, a laptop, a tablet or mobile phone, the ubiquity of access points to the internet makes Google the go-to solution for finding that tradie or service provider.

Just Google ‘plumbers Benalla‘ and see what you get.

Google search results for 'plumbers Benalla'

Apart from the ads at the top you get what is referred to as the ‘three pack’. In this three-pack listing is Intech Plumbing & Construction, Trewin Pumps and Irrigation and Reece Plumbing. The only two plumbing businesses to make it into this listing have a web presence (Reece is more supplies). However, from a web design perspective both sites need some work but they rank here because there is no competition.

In fact, most plumbing businesses in Benalla have not even opened a Google My Business account. (See how to set up your Google My Business account)
Underneath the ‘three pack’ is a plethora of directories listed in the Google ‘organic rankings’. This is where businesses with a decent website should appear. Why use Yellow Pages (which rely on Google) when you can use Google yourself at a fraction of the cost?

With approximately two dozen plumbers in town there is an enormous opportunity for small to medium local businesses to get the jump on their competitors and build a cost-effective presence online in regional zones throughout Australia.

Traditional media tries to promote businesses, whether people want their services or not. But a business’s online presence is visible when people are looking for what the business offers, where it offers it.

Have a look on Google (for your product and service in your location, not your business name) and see what your competitors are doing. If your competitors are already on Google they have an enormous advantage. If they’re not on Google, you need to make sure you are and take advantage of the online opportunities that are yours for the taking.

Just Google ‘Plumbers Benalla‘. What did you see?

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