Geelong businesses take note!

Problem: Your website looks slick but lacks substance, i.e. doesn’t function how you’d hoped and isn’t Google friendly.

We’re going to be super assumption-y and assume your website was built by a web designer. Because websites that look amazing but don’t work, have usually been built by a single entity web designer or design-only agency. And look, it’s not really their fault. Web design is just one element in producing a truly functional, attractive, user-friendly, Google-friendly website.

At GOOP, we spend an average of 100 hours or close to a full working week, on each website we produce. Web design is an important element, but it’s not the only element. Our in-house Geelong team works together to craft the structure, keyword strategy, copy, design and clean, Google-friendly code.

As a consumer, you’re probably thinking, why should I care about the difference between design and development? Isn’t that just technical jargon that you need to worry about, not me?

Wrong! We know it’s a problem for consumers because we regularly get calls to fix pretty websites that don’t rank in Google. And as a provider of web design in Geelong, we take it upon ourselves to educate consumers about our industry, because there’s no doubt web is a domain that lends itself to fraudsters.

The sad news is, most pretty websites can’t be fixed – it’s like asking a show pony to perform at the Olympics.

So as a consumer, it pays to know the difference between design and development. Because you could end up paying for something that doesn’t work, followed by something that does. Ouch.

If you want to discuss web design in Geelong, but also want something that works, please contact GOOP today.

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