“The best place to hide a dead body on page 2 of Google” is one of the great sayings in Search Engine Optimisation.

Barry Popik attributes this to a Twitter account belonging to @LeonardOlaotan back on the 2nd of December 2011. My favourite meme here has to go to Chad Pollitt in The Huffington Post with a great image of John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson form a scene from Pulp Fiction.

Regardless of the origins of this expression, ¬†this really sums up the essence of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for small business. When developing small business websites they need to appear in their local region for their respective products and services on the home page of Google and preferably in the top 5 listings. An expression I often here when talking with potential clients is “I just need a basic website that ranks on Google”. There is no such thing as simple websites any more. As more and more small businesses realise the value of a premium Google ranking the harder and more complex this becomes.

If you build are having a small business website done for your business. Beware of page 2 of Google. it’s a lonely place and no one goes there.

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