At GOOP, delivering high-performing, sleek websites that rank well in Google is our pride and joy. It’s our pleasure to share our clients’ success stories with you.

Absolute Crane Solutions’ owner Luke Pasierbek came to GOOP to upgrade his existing website for a professional, well-structured website to:

  • increase his prominence in Google rankings for keywords such as ‘crane hire Geelong
  • provide useful details about what his business offers
  • attract new customers and enquiries.

The team at GOOP, including professional SEO copywriters, website developers and graphic designers, worked hard to craft Luke a new visually appealing and informative website that ranks outstandingly in Google.

The former Absolute Crane Solutions website wasn’t ranking particularly well, with only 28% visibility in Google. The updated GOOP site achieved a 76% increase, taking visibility in Google to 90% across 18 keywords!


Google Analytics data confirms the success of the site, with 93% new visitors in the past three months, and a clear spike in website traffic once GOOP launched the new and improved website.

In the two months since launch, organic search traffic increased almost 300% compared with the previous two months.

But the most important feedback for us comes from the client himself:

“Best website on this planet… well at least the best crane hire website I’ve ever seen!!!!”
– Luke Pasierbek, Absolute Crane Solutions

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The Google visibility ranking of 90% is based on 18 keywords, each with the potential score of 30 points. Position 1 in Google is worth 30 points, position 2 is worth 29 points, and so on.

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