Responsive web design is now the standard. And while you would expect our website to be responsive (it is), it’s not just an industry standard for those providing web-based services. When you visit the website of a local restaurant, you expect to be able to view the menu on your phone. And if you’re already hungry, not being able to view the menu on the go could quickly escalate into feeling hangry¹.

Whether you’re a small business owner signing up for a GOOP website for the first time or an existing client opting for an upgrade, a responsive design is the most user-friendly option currently available as it adapts to all devices for comfortable viewing on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.

Some people think responsive websites limit what content you see on a mobile or tablet device, but this isn’t the case! A truly responsive site will show all text content – from pages and blog posts – on all devices, all the time. Mobile websites are limited and usually do have the option to “view full desktop site”. Responsive web design has superseded mobile websites and automatically gives you the same information as is viewable on the “full desktop site!”

We’ve recently added two responsive websites to our portfolio which feature infinite looping videos in the design. Think video integration on steroids. It’s the ultimate way to integrate a video of your business onto your website. Read on to find out how we integrated infinite looping videos into each design and make sure you take a look at each of the examples, the screenshots simply don’t do them justice!

WA Timber Products, near Perth

WA Timber Products Perth

WA Timber Products is based near Perth and engaged GOOP to build them a brand new website featuring a responsive design. One of the main things the client supplied us with was a video of their sawmill in action. The video was professionally cut and showcases what they do really well.

When we create website designs, our aim is to make it immediately identifiable to users what it is a business does. The video does this and so we designed their website around it. It still includes all the things you’ve come to expect of a GOOP website, such as a user-friendly layout and SEO, of course.

“Infinite looping” really just means the video is forever on repeat! Once the video finishes, it starts again. You don’t click to play or pause, it just goes. The video loops continuously on the home page and then on internal pages a still image is featured. All the stills were taken from the video.

Due to obvious size restrictions the video doesn’t play on mobile or tablet devices, but you do get the complete range of information and as with internal pages viewed on a desktop, still images feature in the background.

You might notice the diagonal texture overlay which was cleverly used to disguise any pixelation which resulted from downsizing the video to a suitable size. The video simply had to be downsized in order to ensure instant loading times. We love how the textured overlay ties it all in together.

Main Event Fitness, Geelong

Main Event Fitness Geelong

The home page design of Main Event Fitness in Geelong also features an infinite looping video in the background. As with WA Timber Products, the internal pages, mobile and tablet views all feature still images only, however the stills weren’t pulled from the video this time. The client was incredibly proactive in supplying professional images and video to be used in the design.

At first glance, you might think the video only plays in the header, but if you scroll below the fold you’ll see it plays in the background right to the bottom of the home page design.

The video showcases the gym and one of their main focuses – Muay Thai and boxing training – making it a brilliant way to represent the business online visually.

Is your website responsive? Google is now posting messages to indicate whether your website is mobile-friendly or not in mobile search results. A mobile-friendly website isn’t just good for the user, it’s also good for you – responsive websites are also given a boost in search results thanks to their user-friendliness. Why does Google love user-friendly websites? Because it makes it easier for users to find the answer they want, fast. Which is why you search, right?

Use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to determine how your site will appear in mobile search results and what your site will be labelled as – “mobile friendly” or “not mobile-friendly.” If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, remember not to neglect the tablet and go with a responsive design! Despite some misconceptions, responsive website designs aren’t restricted and certainly don’t have to be boring! We’re based in Geelong, but we’d love to help you wherever you are in Australia – we have clients from Geelong to Perth and everywhere in between, upwards and downwards. Contact us to chat about how we can help your site perform better.

¹Hangry: When you become so hungry that you start to feel angry.

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