We cannot say enough at Goop Digital how important claiming your Google My Business listing is and then once you have done this getting 5 star Google reviews from your customers and clients.

However getting reviews whilst seemingly difficult, it isn’t. There is a simple 2 step process to encourage Google My Business reviews on your website

  1. Ask happy clients for reviews
  2. Send them a link to make this possible

Techniques for requesting and asking for Google reviews is a blog topic for another day. This blog is about the mechanics of generating this link and we’ll focus on two different techniques.

For the purpose of this blog it is assumed you have a gmail account and you have access to or have already claimed your Google My Business listing.

Your Business listing can appear when you do a name search such as “Belgrove Hire” or it may appear in the three pack when doing a generic product or service search such as “equipment hire Geelong”. As can be seen Google reviews are quite prominent and we want to encourage as many good five star reviews as we can. See teh Googel business lsitings below.

Name Search

Business Search

Google Three pack listing image

Manual Long Link Search (Not recommended)

  • Do a name search for your business in Google
  • Click on XX Google reviews (next to the Google stars)
  • Click “write a review” in the box in the  top right corner
  • Highlight the very long URL in the address bar and copy this

This is the link you need to share. It’s very long and unwieldy. You can use a URL shortening tool or insert this URL into a hyperlink to make this more user friendly. However we much prefer and favour logging in to Google My Business.

Log into Google My Business and get the short URL (Recommended)

or How to create a short URL link to get Google reviews

A much simpler way and how we recommend this at Goop Digital is to share a short URL with customers

  • Sign in to Google My Business.
  • If you have multiple locations, open the location you’d like to manage.
  • In the menu on the left, click Home.
  • In the “Get more reviews” card, click the “share profile” button
  • Copy this link and share with customers

Try it and you you will find it’s quite simple. Always keep Google’s review policies in mind. DO NOT under any circumstances offer incentives or set up review stations at your place of business. This is a clear breach of Google’s review policies, and we don’t want to go near this.

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