Google is continually evolving and, whilst striving to provide the best outcome for users and the user experience once clicked through to a website, the search engine company is also striving to maximise its revenue.

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, was a revolution in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and has changed the marketing/advertising landscape forever and, subsequently, business marketing spend habits.

Goop Digital recently wrote a blog highlighting even greater changes in the online marketing space with Google Local Services Ads, something we consider an even greater game changer online. Is your business ready for this fundamental shift to the new Google Ads formats?

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Essentially, we believe all small businesses that wish to thrive in the digital age will need to participate in Google Ads and, depending on your industry, also in Local Services Ads. Google is pushing organic results further and further down the page. Whilst organic listings in Google will continue to play a pivotal role in delivering new customers to your business, Google will essentially push all business owners serious about their business on Google Ads. Call us to discuss.

Many businesses typically see Google Ads as an expense – and it is – but what is more fundamental is how accountable this advertising format is in driving business to you. It’s not like advertising in the newspaper or Yellow Pages and crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. It’s highly accountable and measurable.

The question is not how much does it cost; the question should be how much does it make or how much business does it or can it actually generate?
The biggest problem with Google Ads is the complexity and knowledge required to make the advertising format a profitable exercise compared with being an absolute money pit.

It truly is not a matter of if but when you, as a small to medium business owner, participate in Google Ads. As an official Google Partner please call us to answer any of your questions regarding Google Ads.

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