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“Time, time, time… see what’s become of me!” The opening lines of Simon and Garfunkel’s 1968 hit Hazy Shade of Winter are somewhat prophetic almost 50 years later when we look back at how time has not only changed us, but how little time we seem to have these days for almost anything.

Family, work, recreation, relaxation, sleep – we have the same 24 hours in the day that have always been available but somehow those daily 1440 minutes no longer seems anywhere near enough to fit in the demands of the 21st century

And as if there’s not already enough to do, here at GOOP Digital we’re telling our clients to find time for blogging on their websites to further promote their goods and services online. Blog! Blog! Blog! It’s almost as if we have a Geelong business blogging chant emanating from our office.

Some businesses – those who we suspect have a time machine hidden in the back shed – find time every couple of weeks to heed and implement our blogging advice.

But others – those who don’t have Doctor Who’s time lord talents – just can’t fit in the demands of everyday life, let alone add time at the keyboard into the equation.

Fortunately there’s help at hand in the form of GOOP Digital’s Geelong business blogging copywriters. Our team members can find time for blogging because, well… that’s what we pay them for!

With a team of former journalists, public relations and marketing experts in our blogging stable we are the business blogging solution in Geelong for anybody who simply can’t find time in their busy lives to write blogs.

Our team will interview you, prepare a blogging schedule for you, research blogging topics specific to your goods and services and write blogs tailored to your business and what you have to offer. From accountants through to veterinarians, builders to painters, we can blog for just about anybody on pretty much any topic.  Our service is so tailored it’s as if you’ve written the blogs. Best of all from your perspective is that you get the blogging benefit but haven’t had to find the time to do the work.

Professional business blogging from our Geelong HQ is just one of many website-related services available from GOOP Digital. If you can’t find the time to blog, or would like assistance or advice about other online services, drop us a line at GOOP Digital.

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