We’ve been reading a lot online lately about Geelong businesspeople seeking the addition of search engine optimisation – SEO – for their websites to lift their sites’ prominence in Google.

Business owners are absolutely on the money seeking search optimised websites – it’s the number one way to gain prominence in Google for what it is you do, where you do it.

But at GOOP we believe the SEO Geelong business owners want for their websites should be a fundamental building block for the sites, not an add-on or afterthought once the site has gone live.

A website without organic unpaid SEO at its heart is like a Ferrari without a motor. It might look fantastic but it’s going nowhere.

If you’re planning a website for a new venture or maybe upgrading for an existing business, think about what it is you want your website to achieve. Is it to make the phone ring? Get customers through the door? Promote your name in certain circles? Whatever you want your website to do, think about how it’s going to do it.

Is it going to do it by looking good? Maybe, if anybody gets to see it!

Is it going to do it by word of mouth? Maybe, if you can tell enough of the right people!

Is it going to do it by appearing on the home page of Google when people type your business name into the search engine? Maybe! But what if people don’t know your business name? How’ll they find you? And aren’t they the very people you want to see your website – those who don’t already know about your great service, your outstanding products?

Whatever it is you want your website to do, it most likely won’t do it without SEO at its core.

At GOOP, SEO is one of the most crucial elements of our websites. From hours of research into the keywords people are typing into Google to find your products or services, through to text and metadata incorporating those keywords and design structured for search engine optimisation, there is not one part of a GOOP website that isn’t geared for SEO.

For the website SEO Geelong and district businesses require, search optimisation shouldn’t be an afterthought. That all-important SEO should be the first building block of any professional site and credible web developers must incorporate SEO at every stage of the creation process – unless of course you want to keep your website secret and hidden on the second page of Google along with the crew of the Marie Celeste, Lasseter’s Reef, Amelia Earhart’s plane and all those odd socks you can’t find.

The old adage says you can’t sell a secret! Don’t make your website a secret. Whoever builds your website, make sure they have organic SEO at the site’s heart and, once the site is live, that they prove to you where your website ranks in Google for what it is you do, where you do it.

That’s what we do at GOOP – we build websites with the SEO Geelong businesses require and deserve. If you’d like to know more about GOOP and our SEO-focused websites, contact us we’ll happily fill you in.

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