• Challenge

    Vikon is a Geelong based non-destructive digging company offering a wide variety of services including hydro excavation, drain cleaning, directional drilling and service locating. With over 16 years experience in the industry, the Vikon team are undoubtedly the professionals to call when in need of qualified digging services. GOOP Digital's professional WordPress developers in Geelong were approached by Vikon to design, build and optimise a responsive website.

  • Approach

    In order to provide Vikon with an online presence that would fulfil their needs, our expert copywriters worked with our in-house WordPress web developers to produce a high quality responsive and functional website, with top SEO practices in place. We developed copy using keywords that would allow for Vikon to appear on Google for searches relevant to what they specialise in.

  • Results

    Not only is the Vikon website clean and attractive, but it performs exceptionally on Google, reaching a visibility rating of over 75%. Currently they are positioned on page 1 for 10 out of 15 of their most important keywords. The website is also very easy to use and update and can be easily understood by online users.

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