• Challenge

    Heartbeat Victoria is a not for profit organisation which aims to create and promote cardiac peer support groups for individuals living with heart disease or a heart condition and their families. They approached GOOP Digital because they felt like their website was outdated and they found that updating the website was overly complicated.

  • Approach

    The GOOP Digital team made a custom developed website for Heartbeat Victoria that is attractive and easy to update. Each branch of the organisation has a page on the website for their details and events. A donate button was strategically placed on the menu to maximise it's visual impact.

  • Result

    Just a few weeks after the upgrade, Heartbeat Victoria saw an 18% increase in Google visibility. 11 of their keywords are ranking on the front page of Google with 4 of these in 3rd position or better and 50% of their traffic was originating from Google search.

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