• Challenge

    Rentasaur is a locally-owned and operated business in Geelong that offers rentals of the latest and highest quality furniture and appliances from top brands. They had an existing website that had a number of problems—there were errors throughout the site, was hard for the client to make updates and changes to, and wasn’t ranking on Google.

  • Approach

    The GOOP team needed to create a much improved website with a shop feature where customers can submit their information and photo ID, conveniently log in, and add items for hire to the shopping cart. It was also vital to have SEO on the website to improve Google rankings and be more visible online.

  • Results

    The team custom designed and developed Rentasaur’s new website. By doing this, we were able to add features to make renting items online possible and easy, as well as making it simple for the client to update content, and add, edit, or delete items. The new site is looking great, and more importantly, increasing more and more in rankings.

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