• Challenge

    Philip Grech provides reliable and highly qualified plumbing services to the commercial, residential and industrial sectors of Melbourne. They have been operating since 1989 and have a strong reputation of being tradesmen you can trust. Philip Grech Plumbing services engaged the GOOP Digital team in 2019 for holding page design and development in Geelong.

  • Approach

    Our team designed a holding page for Philip Grech that was clean, functional and most importantly, informative. The Philip Grech team were interested in developing a holding page rather than a full-scale website due to their strong existing client base. Instead, they wanted a page that would appear when users searched for their business name.

  • Results

    Now, Philip Grech Plumbing Services has an online presence where they can demonstrate their services and allow potential and existing clients to contact them. All important information is easily accessible online and the client is pleased with the clean and professional aesthetic look of the holding page.

"Thank you so much for your advice."

Philip Grech Plumbing ServicesMaree Grech

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