• Challenge

    Lister House is a medical clinic in Horsham that operates by the philosophy of providing patients with the best possible treatment and care. With 10 doctors, 12 nurses, and a large support team, you are in qualified hands when you trust Lister House with your health care. The GOOP Digital team initially approached back in 2016 to develop a clean user-friendly website with a strong focus on SEO in Horsham, and in July 2021 we upgraded and modernised the website to reflect the clinic's growth.

  • Approach

    After many years of receiving value from their website, our team felt as though an upgrade was in order to illustrate how the medical clinic had evolved since when the site was first built. SEO (search engine optimisation) remained at the forefront of the strategy for this Horsham business, as well as the goal to improve the aesthetic look of the site.

  • Results

    Lister House Medical Centre now have a website that remains optimised for Google, whilst being modernised and up to date. Patients can easily book online with a range of specialists and can find the site easily through searches relating to medical services for both Horsham and Natimuk. Since the launch of the website, Lister House Medical Centre's Google rankings have skyrocketed and now hold a 96% search engine visibility rating, with all keywords positioned on the homepage of Google.

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