• Challenge

    Established in 1935, Heights Sewing Centre is renowned for its high-quality sewing machines and haberdashery products, along with their unparalleled knowledge of sewing machines and old fashioned customer service. Heights Sewing Centre engaged GOOP Digital for an optimised website and logo design services in Geelong.

  • Approach

    GOOP Digital created a website with engaging content that tells the interesting inter-generational story of Heights Sewing Centre, along with building a custom shopping cart so that Height Sewing's customers can fulfill their sewing needs from the comfort of their own home. We also designed a beautiful logo to give the business a visual identity.

  • Results

    Not only has GOOP Digital provided Heights Sewing Centre with a stunning visual mark for the business, but we have given them an online presence that allows them to find and connect with new customers. Currently the website is maintaining a visibility rating of almost 100%. It doesn't get much better than that.

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