• Challenge

    David Parker Plumbing is a local Torquay business that provides professional domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing to clients, as well as heater and hot water servicing. Parker Plumbing approached GOOP Digital back in 2013 for website development in Colac, to give their business an online presence, however as they grew and as the direction of the business changed, we were engaged to complete a website upgrade to reach clients in Torquay, their new area of focus.

  • Approach

    With David Parker Plumbing moving their area of service to the Torquay region, it was essential to their online presence and SEO that we re-designed the website and produced optimised copy to reach high spots on Google for searches in this area. In addition to shifting the SEO focus to include Torquay, our team also wanted to give the aesthetic look of the site a re-vamp, adding a higher level of elegance, quality and functionality to the website.

  • Results

    David Parker Plumbing was presented with a website upgrade that ticked all the right boxes. Not only does it look visually stunning, but it performs exceptionally well on Google, steadying over 80% visibility, and reaches their ideal audience in both Torquay and Colac. We are very happy with the end result and can't wait to see it bring in the qualified traffic that Parker Plumbing deserves.

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